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Nick and Hank wonder how Wesen know he is a Grimm, and Nick isn't sure. In Switzerland, Meisner and Adalind meet their contact in Switzerland, but are ambushed at the meeting spot. Meisner fights off his attacks, but Adalind is taken. Nick's Mom, Kelly, another Grimm, saves Adalind who will take her the rest of way. Adalind and Kelly leave on a plane while Meisner stays behind. 

Nick goes to visit Rosalee and Juliette, he tells them he can't be Monroe's best man. It's too dangerous with him around. Monroe and Rosalee tell Nick he should wear sunglasses because when Wesen wogue they notice a Grimm because the Grimm's eyes turn a deep black and see themselves reflected. 

Kelly takes a detour away from France towards Oregon fearing that the Verrat are already waiting for them at the first "secret" location. Viktor assigns someone new to the Verrat. Kelly has flashbacks of the night she gives Nick over to Aunt Marie. Kelly brings them into Portland because she knows she'll be safe there. The reunion does not as planned. 

Adalind, not feeling safe, decides to go to Renard's home and introduce the baby to her father. Kelly warns Nick that the Royal baby needs to have a normal life for it to fulfill its destiny. Nick and Kelly head to Renard's house, but Nick goes in alone. 

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Grimm Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

That was a hell of a coma you put me in bitch.


You know, just for the record, I did not actually kill her she impaled herself.