Grimm Review: The Long Con

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Au revoir, Diana, you creepy baby, you!

In a truly shocking ending, Grimm Season 3 Episode 18 pulled the wool over our eyes as Captain Renard and the rest of the Nick's team end up ultimately helping Kelly hit the road with Diana. 

It's a good decision to bring the baby story to a close. Mostly, as the installment progressed, it became clear that the stalemate between the Royal and the Resistance fighters over the baby and its power would quickly grow boring and tenuous.

As each side fought to one up the other, and as Nick and his (very well formed team) ended up being caught in the middle, Renard made the very admirable and costly choice of handing the baby over to Viktor. 

Only to steal her back!

It's an elaborate plan that brings the baby back with the good guys, but makes Adalind still think the Royals have Diana. It provides an opportunity for Kelly to make up for past mistakes with Nick by taking care of a baby that's on the road with her this time around - and it gives Adalind something other to do aside from being with Diana. 

Adalind is a mother scorned and it is a brutally harsh moment for the new mother.

The baby brought out the better side of Adalind, but this development lets Adalind go back to her roots of causing trouble for everyone in an effort to gain her daughter back or just general hell to pay. It puts her at odds with Renard particularly.

Adalind informs him of the paternity, joins his side, unites him together with the baby and even wants to bring their family closer together, while Renard throws all of it away in an effort to keep his daughter safe. The man had an impossible decision and he's going to bear the most of Adalind's wrath. 

Nonetheless, one really does feel for Adalind (never thought I would say that). She gets the short end of the stick and does not even get one final goodbye. Instead, her newborn is kidnapper from her right in a police station. It's an absolutely cold but effective method. 

Odds and Ends: 

  • The look of extreme panic on Hank's face when he wonders if Adalind's baby is his.
  • Uh, Zombie Nick, are you home? It's time to come out and play again.
  • Kudos to Monroe and Rosalee for continually putting up with Nick. I'd start putting a snooze message for him when he calls in the wee hours of the night.
  • Kelly continually justifying that Adalind's mother really killed herself continues to be the joke that keeps on giving. 

Do you feel bad for Adalind ultimately losing her baby?

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