Legit Review: Down Under

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Jim Jefferies really put a new spin on Australians going down under in Legit Season 2 Episode 9.

The half hour was laced with a slew of special guest stars as Jim continued to try to land a job.

And with a former flame moving up by dating Bob Saget (great to see him make an appearance after the name drop in the very funny Legit Season 2 Episode 7), Jim decided that licking his way to the top would be the only way to make it out of his slump.

In a clever twist that had Carrie Fisher portraying a female executive looking for a little sexual pleasure, Jim awkwardly trying to discuss how, when and where to take his oral test made the moment that much funnier.

But will we hear Princess Leia utter those three magic words in the next Star Wars? That would be a vastly different movie experience.

On top of that, Jim couldn’t even perform well for her, and Billy and Steve were going to Bob Saget gigs behind their friend’s back. Watching Jim struggle in that bumbling, stammering way, spouting off rambling speeches about trying his best or ways to relieve stress is as endearing as it is funny.

Truly, the three main characters, even when they get put in those unfortunate situations still manage to be likable, and we can only hope that it gets better (even if we can’t help but laugh at the ridiculous positions they wind up in.)

It was also great to see Jim take the forefront of the hour. It’s interesting to see him try and tackle showbiz without getting the easy chance to gain fame, fortune and girls.

But getting that job on your merits? Sorry, Jim. That’s just not in the cards for you.

Even the final punchline with actor Tom Arnold as the new executive Jim must pander to, leg up on the table, was just the right way to end the episode.

This was a huge step up from last week’s Legit Season 2 Episode 8, and now I’m really not quite sure at can look at Luke Skywalker’s twin sister quite the same way anymore.

Do you want to see Bob Saget on Legit again?

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