Legit Review: Full Metal Jefferies

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Sometimes you’ve just got to get away from your parents, and sometimes that means going all the way to war-torn Afghanistan.

Extreme? Maybe, but this is Legit, the show all about the unapologetic extreme.

It’s not like a half-hour comedy needs it, but there’s something nice in seeing story and characters carry over into each episode. It definitely makes you feel not only that you’re hanging with the crew, but that you’re also getting to go through their experiences with them.

Which made the cut to Jim and Steve in Afghanistan bit in Legit Season 2 Episode 7 that much funnier. Jim really needs a new agent. And might Bob Saget make an appearance down the road?

Either way, it was nice to see the duo hanging out together, causing havoc with the military. And it was great to see not only Steve’s enthusiasm, but how his inadvertent forced sober session was good for him. It might not have made things clearer for him, but it definitely made him a far better shot that Jim.

And the crack about the enemy not caring about the color of the vests fit right into the mood of the outing.

Perhaps it was a bit over the top, but even a moment like Jim and Steve freaking out during a gun battle and confessing to their mothers their true feelings just worked.

Steve’s decision to change his mind on joining the military, Jim not finishing his thoughts when the gunfire stopped and Jim’s mother predictably wailing about how a mother should never die before her child added that extra punch worthy of its set-ups.

It was also great to see some sincerity and heart mixed in with all the craziness involved. A simple conversation between two friends after a long day and discussing their lives (and a hilarious term: current traumatic stress disorder) makes the characters even more likable.

The same could be said for Billy (who had to deal with Jim’s mom with great facial expressions) telling his mother he appreciates her. Sure, parents can sometimes get on your nerves, but even with their flaws and misgivings, they still love their children.

And we know that Jim, Steve and Billy are “good boys,” despite the stuff they find themselves involved in. Which made the final moment of Jim and Steve handing off the envelope to the soldier’s mother (without any inappropriate twist) a great touch. I was expecting some raunchy or wild misunderstanding, but it ended on a sweet note.

That positive upturn towards the end also included Billy’s use of his fingers. It’s great to see not only his own happiness, but the people in his life share that sentiment. They are family.

I’ve also got to add that the fathers taking the star tours and not knowing who anyone was a goofy additive, but once again, these characters are endearing. It wasn’t necessarily needed for the episode, but I’m glad it was there just the same.

Legit Season 2 has gotten way better at making the story feel tighter.

The scenes never feel dragged out (although, immediately the on purpose lengthy massage scene in Legit Season 2 Episode 6 unfortunately comes to mind), and the characters retain their charm, wackiness and genuine candidness.

Sure, when it comes down to it, the FXX series isn't for everyone, but it's certainly making and proving its own unique stamp on the comedy world.

Afghanistan Review

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