Legit Review: Meet the Parents

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If there’s one thing you can definitely tell about Legit Season 2, it’s that the cast is really enjoying themselves with all the crazy situations the characters get involved with.

Maybe I enjoyed it a bit less than the actors for Legit Season 2 Episode 6, but there were some amusing moments, lines worth a few chuckles and a lengthy hand job scene I’m immediately trying to erase from my mind.

This was something of a Meet the Parents episode. Except, Jim’s mom was introduced and quickly rushed to the hospital. She’s kind of a bossy woman, but Jim still has the heart to want to at least visit her before the group of guys rush off to the water park.

Jim’s father seems to be just as enticed by the ladies as the others and he eagerly led the way to a massage parlor with coupon in hand. What followed was the perfect example of Legit pushing those boundaries in a cringe inducing manner as you watched Jim, Steve, Billy, Walter and Jim’s dad each receive a hand job from the hookers masseuses.

Not only were the guys just separated by curtains, but then getting shots of their faces while trying to enjoy the moment added to the uncomfortable experience. Even the song being sung was a rough addition to the scene, evidenced by Jim’s face and even Billy’s demands to get them to shut up.

And while it was a scene that felt like it wasn’t ready to end (the two dads were enjoying it way too much), it was funny that the boys were told to behave themselves or they wouldn’t go to the water park.

I wasn’t sure if we were going to get to go to the water park at all during the episode, but certainly it made you wish you could get on those slides and join the gang. Once again, it really looked like the cast was enjoying themselves, and I laughed at Steve’s childlike enthusiasm for the water park.

Was anyone surprised that Rodney made a fantastic cameo as Billy floated by? You can’t help but really like his character.

Getting Billy to go down the slide without the lifeguards noticing also was humorous. I wonder how many takes they got to do for that?

But Jim getting off his responsible kick (he really still feels the most responsible, even  when compared with the parents) took things to an actual life or death situation when he collided with Billy.

And you want to laugh that Jim’s dad was happy he didn’t have to pay the hookers masseuses, but it’s just one of those moments where I’m sure Jim wishes his dad would grow up.

So to end it with Billy stuck with Jim’s mother in the hospital (good luck!), but having the ability to move his fingers was a surprise. With muscular dystrophy, is it possible for him to regain that movement? If anything, it makes me want to learn more about the disorder. Granted, you can definitely hope that things would get better for Billy.

I still enjoy catching up with Jim, Steve and Billy each week, but this was one of those episodes that was fun but not so uproariously funny as past episodes. While the casts’ smiles enhanced the notion of their water park escapades, I can only hope we never have to see the group rub and tug experience again.

Would you ever go with one of your parents to a massage parlor?

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