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This NCIS episode brought the case of a Navy Ensign who'd been drugged and raped.

And the person she told, in confidence, was later killed. Are those two events related?

Elsewhere, Tony and McGee are on a bro-cleanse. But were they really? Could they truly pull this off?

Find out the truth when you watch NCIS online right here and right now:

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 21 Quotes

Gibbs: You've been saving that one, Mo!
Cabot: You have no idea.

Tony: How long?
McGee: Just this once? Okay it's been the whole time. We've been working late. I was weak.
Tony: I don't even know who you are anymore.
McGee: Wait, please, I have another one. Here. Take it. It's yours.
Tony: You can't buy me with your pepperoni. I want steak. Creamed spinach. French fries.
Bishop: Can I get in on this?
McGee: Yes. Absolutely. Steaks all around, my treat. Let's go.