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The team is called to investigate the death Navy Ensign Tate after he is found dead on a road after being run over by a texting driver.

Turns out he was injured outside a bar after being kicked out of the bar for fighting with another man about a woman.

When NCIS discovers that he had reported a sexual assault on behalf of a friend named Farrell, they start to wonder if his death was tied into that.

Farrell had declined to report the rape because she was worried about her career, and didn't want to be ostracized from her friends because of it.

After Abby befriends her and comforts her, she changes her mind and tells Gibbs about the whole story.

Turns out Tate's death had nothing to do with the rape, nor the reporting of it.  His death was caused by misadventure: when the bartender shoved him away from the bar, he hit a vulnerable part of his head and neck on a dumpster, which caused slow internal bleeding.

The team discovers that a horse tranquilizer had been used on Farrell, and ties the drug into a second rape victim who was also drugged when Farrell's ship came to port.  After comparing the names of the crew members on both ships, they come up with a single name: Louis Wexler, the ship's XO.

When confronted about the two rapes, and a number of others he had committed, he lunged toward Gibbs but is stopped by a heavy incapacitating blow in the chest from Cabot.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 21 Quotes

Gibbs: You've been saving that one, Mo!
Cabot: You have no idea.

Tony: How long?
McGee: Just this once? Okay it's been the whole time. We've been working late. I was weak.
Tony: I don't even know who you are anymore.
McGee: Wait, please, I have another one. Here. Take it. It's yours.
Tony: You can't buy me with your pepperoni. I want steak. Creamed spinach. French fries.
Bishop: Can I get in on this?
McGee: Yes. Absolutely. Steaks all around, my treat. Let's go.