Parenthood: Watch Season 5 Episode 20 Online

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On Parenthood Season 5 Episode 20, Camille gets cold feet after signing the papers on Casa Braverman. Her beloved husband Zeek takes things into his own hands and wrestles away her fears.

Julia goes on a date but realizes she's not ready. Or perhaps she's not ready for that man, because later she finds physical attraction pushes her beyond her limits.

Kristina and Adam enlist Julia to help them with the charter school and she delivers spectacular news.

The Luncheonette throws an album release party for Ashes of Rome that comes with an extra dose of awesome when the band is offered a huge tour opportunity. Will Oliver screw it up or leap at the chance?

You'll have to watch Parenthood online to find out the best of these and more that happened this week. O

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

4D! Do you know how huge they are? 4D are you kidding me? And I'm movin' out of mom and dad's today. I gotta play the lottery!


Hank: So you're saying it's Asperger's fault. Do I have every right to be mad at Asperger's?
Dr. Pelican: Yes, you do.