Twisted: Watch Season 1 Episode 19 Online

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Danny and Jo finally confessed all on Twisted Season 1 Episode 19. 

Jack was released on bail and he and Karen kissed and made up. Then we found out that he did move the body and he was working with his daughter and Charlie the whole time.

Danny confessed to more than just what happened with Vikram. He finally told Jo he had feelings for her.

When Jo went to meet Danny to talk more, crazy Charlie kidnapped her. Upstate in a barn, Jo woke up to find out some serious confessions from Danny. He said Aunt Tara was his mom.

But by the time Danny, Lacey, Chief Masterson, and Tess showed up there was yet another confession. Watch Twisted online to find out more about this epic finale!

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Twisted Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

No matter how angry I get at you, at Jo, it always comes back to the friendship.

Lacey [to Danny]

I want him to prove to you and to the rest of the world that he's not his father.

Jack [about Danny]