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- Danny and Jo both confess the truth.

- Jack gets out on bail and makes up with Karen.

- Whitney's mom tells Lacey she's a compulsive liar.

- It turns out Jack, Charlie, and Whitney were all working together and did move the body.

- Tess and Karen find more papers when they destroy Vikram's desk.

- Charlie kidnaps Jo.

- Danny admits his feelings to Jo.

- Charlie says his mom was Aunt Tara.

- Tess finds out that Charlie was her son.

- There is a gunshot at the end.

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Twisted Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

No matter how angry I get at you, at Jo, it always comes back to the friendship.

Lacey [to Danny]

I want him to prove to you and to the rest of the world that he's not his father.

Jack [about Danny]