Warehouse 13 Review: The Final Countdown

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It's the final season of Warehouse 13, and with it comes an alternate reality that changes the course of Warehouse history...

... But only on a temporary basis. 

Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 1 brings Paracelsus' arc to a close (hopefully) and brings along with it some familiar faces. It's typically territory for a Warehouse 13 premiere at this point:

A bad guy has done something catastrophically bad (probably to the Warehouse) and it's up to the gang to put the pieces back together. Paracelsus goes out in much the same way he went in: by science. 

He was a man consumed by it, always looking for ways to advance it. He did not have empathy towards other people; instead feigning empathy if it meant he could buy himself some more time to continue his pursuits.

He pursued immortality to pursue science and he pursued the Warehouse so he can make use of the artifacts housed within for his science. 

It made him calculating and, at times, ruthless, but he rested on his science and did not account for the variability the gang at 13 brings to the table.

Paracelsus could use the artifacts to build his Warehouse of the future, but in the end he is (naturally) unsuccessful and opens up the current timeline to an intrusion by Benedict Valda, the previous keeper of Warehouse 2 expert until he sacrifices himself to save it.  

With Valda now in Warehouse 13 and exhuming his own body, one has to wonder if Paracelsus has warped Valda's idea of what the Warehouses are supposed to do; and if his very critical take on Warehouse agents will take a much darker turn. 

Like all good installments of Warehouse 13, it is the smaller moments that make the show so much fun. Pete's constant need for a snack and thinking about food, even at the worst possible times, are still out in force, and the banter between Steve and Claudia is even more sarcastic.

Finally, there are some echoes of what might be coming down the pike in this short, six-episode season. Myka learns of Pete's deal with Paracelsus to cure her cancer - which was a benign cyst - and tells him to always put the Warehouse first... even though he never will when it comes to her.

It's clear they're working towards Pete and Myka getting together, and Claudia being so in tune with the Warehouse is a sign of things to come as she begins to be the new caretaker. Although, it's never said if Mrs. Frederick is back to being the caretaker. 

What did you think of the Warehouse 13 Season 5 premiere? Grade it!

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Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

You're wasting your time Voldemort. I'm as much a part of this Warehouse as you are and it won't let you kill me.


Steve: Try and fight his control of your body!
Claudia: Oh my God Steve, what a great idea! I wish I'd thought of that! I can't fight it.