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Claudia knows Paracelsus cannot kill her when she is in the Warehouse because the Warehouse is protecting her as the new caretaker. Since Paracelsus controls the Warehouse he begins to control Claudia, views her memories, and that she will help him build something. 

Myka is released from the hospital and surgery and told that she is not to do anything strenuous. Pete picks up and she tells him the cyst is benign but a wake up call.  He tells her that Paracelsus has taken over the Warehouse, but stops short of telling her why he helps Paracelsus. Artie enlists Steve to cover his car in purple goo and run his car through to save her. When Myka goes back to the Warehouse, she tells them by moving Warehouse's power to Uranus they can walk right through. 

Artie and Myka reignite the Warehouse's flames in their alcoves, and disconnects Paracelsus from the Warehouse. Claudia tells them he's using H.G. Wells' time machine. Paracelsus heads back in time and changes history by becoming the caretaker of the last five warehouses. The gang heads back in time to stop Paracelsus' science driver Warehouses and stop him from killing the regents. 

In the past, Pete and Myka capture and bronze Paracelsus again. In the present, Claudia can't shake the feeling that something good and bad is coming. It is shown that the alternate reality Benedict Valda has followed the team back to the present, and is currently exhuming his belongings from the Warehouse. 

Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

You're wasting your time Voldemort. I'm as much a part of this Warehouse as you are and it won't let you kill me.


Steve: Try and fight his control of your body!
Claudia: Oh my God Steve, what a great idea! I wish I'd thought of that! I can't fight it.