24 Live Another Day: Watch Season 1 Episode 3 Online

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After killing Yates, Simone flees from Jack and makes it home to her mother Margot, who was married to an al Qaeda terrorist and plans to use the drones to kill the President of the United States while he's in London.

Simone's husband isn't as sure about their plans and is even less happy about his wife bedding Yates in order to further their plans.

Chloe shares with Jack that her husband and son were killed when a truck rammed their vehicle. Chloe believes she was the target because of her history with Jack.

Kate Morgan gets Basher to admit that Yates was working on drones and that he's mentioned Lt. Tanner on 24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 3

Mark tries to get President Heller to cancel his meeting with Parliament but Audrey tells him to stop trying to control her and her father. 

Jack attempts to enter the US Embassy but Adrian Cross double crosses Chloe and makes sure his ID is flagged. Jack has to shoot into a crowd of protestors to cause a diversion escape.

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24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You can't bring back the ones you love. Trust me. But you can honor their lives by helping others. It's the only way forward.


As far as you're concerned Agent Ritter, Kate Morgan isn't there. She's not even on the books. This goes bad, it's on you.