24: Live Another Day Review: The Price of Having Enemies

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Surprisingly the Damn It! count didn't rise in 24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 3 but that didn't mean events were any less shocking.

Continually Hunted

Jack and Chloe are on the hunt for stiletto through the ear girl, otherwise known as Simone as she runs back to Mummy and whoa! Talk about family dysfunction. Mummy Margot was married to an al Qaeda terrorist and she takes her role very seriously. So much so that she thinks nothing of pimping out her daughter for the cause. Hey, her husband did it with her so what's the problem?  Well, Simone's husband Navid seemed to feel differently. 

Let's not forget that Margot has a camera over her married daughter's bed. Eww. As if nightmares about murdering woman and children weren't enough to keep Navid awake, he has no idea that he's staring in his mummy-in-law's homemade sex tapes. 

Elsewhere Jack finally posed the question I spent all of last week asking. What happened to Chloe's family? Now I'm wishing I didn't have the answer. Morris and Prescott were killed when a truck rammed their vehicle coming home from soccer practice. Worse yet, Chloe thinks she was the real target and it's because of her history with Jack. 

How sad was it that Jack had no idea what had happened to one of his very few friends. Suddenly all of the changes we've seen in Chloe make a lot more sense. After such a soul crushing event, she will never be the same and if anyone can understand that, it's Jack.  I'll never forget the moment Jack's wife Teri was killed at the end of 24 season 1. It set the tone for the entire series and clearly sent a message. No one on 24 is safe.

I am curious to see what Chloe does when she realizes that Adrian double crossed her and set up Jack. I'm sure Adrian will wrap it up in the cloak of it was for the greater good, but will Chloe buy into it?

It appears that Kate gained some respect from her colleagues as she not only abducted Basher against orders but actually got him to talk without having to torture him. Ritter was impressed and Kate may need him on her side as Navarro seemed more than willing to hang them both out to dry if things went bad as he explained to Ritter in this 24: Live Another Day quote

As far as you're concerned Agent Ritter, Kate Morgan isn't there. She's not even on the books. This goes bad, it's on you.


EPresident Heller prepared to speak to Parliament, even with Mark using Audrey to get him to retreat…

I'm with Churchill on this one. Having enemies means you stood up for something.

President Heller

Unfortunately, Heller's enemies may be closer to home than he thinks given that Mark was signing the President's signature to important documents behind his back. 

It was good to see Audrey stand up to her husband and call him out on his controlling nature. Hopefully she's not nearly as fragile as Mark seems to believe. 

We left the hour in pure chaos as Jack shot into the crowd in order to escape while Kate Morgan was once again hot on his trail.

Tell us TV Fanatics, were you surprised to find out that Chloe's family had been killed?

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24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You can't bring back the ones you love. Trust me. But you can honor their lives by helping others. It's the only way forward.


As far as you're concerned Agent Ritter, Kate Morgan isn't there. She's not even on the books. This goes bad, it's on you.