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Kiera made her choice between the Alecs on Continuum Season 3 Episode 6, but it was less of a choice than a move of desperation.

Catherine told her having the two actively participating in the timeline was no longer going to work and she had to make a choice. Although it has seemed through the first five episodes at different times that one or another was an obvious choice, Kiera still bristled that killing one was the only choice.

A lot of what's going on in Kiera's head is a bit of a mess, and it's as if she was going to see the great and powerful OZ only to find a tiny man with a very loud microphone behind the curtain. The further she pulls the curtain away from what was her future, the uglier it becomes.

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Nonetheless, Catherine was pushing for a decision. Concurrent with this terrible choice for Kiera was a chemical agent being created by Liber8 that looked an awfully lot like one Kiera survived in her future, after watching thousands of others perish. Corporate giant Somanto created a cure in their future that saved the remainder of the people -- but Kiera learns in the present that they created the agent to begin with.

Liber8 was merely echoing what Somanto had done in their future and (although Kiera doesn't know this yet) they will create the cure 50 years earlier than Somanto using their already vaccinated blood and give it away to the people for free. This will, hopefully, keep the company from becoming a member of the Corporate Congress, something that is more disgusting to Kiera with each passing day.

As Kiera's future begins to unravel, her very foundation is shaken because she is here, working with the Freelancers, to make that same future a reality. Her mission to kill one of the Alecs is to ensure they are on the right path. As each layer is unfolded and Kiera sees more hidden truths, she finds it more difficult to decide how to play. 

Her struggle is intense because it could mean her future remains relatively in tact and she has a chance to go home or she could have the power to change it all and save everyone from what she's discovering -- corporate governance is not at all what it appears to have been.

Meanwhile, Alec makes the decision to take off with Emily. He cannot do that, unfortunately, because she's a convicted felon and CAlec holds her future in his hands. In an attempt to get that taken care of, they devise a plan for Alec to disguise himself as CAlec and erase the file on her.

You know what they say about the best laid plans -- CAlec finds Alec in his office and the two square off. Kiera overhears them on the phone and heads over there. Without fully understanding the situation, and seeing Alec holding a gun on CAlec, she uses her weapon on him. He's not dead, but sedated.

Kiera assures CAlec that she has always been on his side and retreats to the Freelancer cave with Alec. With everything Kiera has seen of her future, I think a part of her is still hesitant that she's making the right choice. She's right, of course, because the future she knew was a ruse.

Catherine doesn't necessarily agree with Kiera's decision to lock Alec away in a glass box, but she doesn't disagree and push the issue either. For now, either future is a possibility because Alec is still alive.

However, while Alec was the sympathetic character, being put behind glass could turn him around completely and CAlec could become the one that needs to go in order to attain their future. There are so many issues at play that it's difficult to get your head around all of the variables.

Just as she's coming to terms with leaving Alec there, dead Kiera's suit is synchronized with hers and she see's her killer -- Curtis. He hardly puts up any argument, but he doesn't have an actual reason for doing it, either. It's as if for the same reason an Alec needed to go, Curtis decided a Kiera had to go.

Now there are two new people housed in Plexiglas and pajamas. But who is behind the door we haven't seen? Could there be a third Alec that Catherine is talking with or perhaps even another Kiera? It seems that will be the big reveal. Another time traveler who is calling the shots for Catherine.

The most compelling journey here continues to be watching Kiera come to terms with everything she knew and everything she is learning about what she knew and how disparate they are. What will she do with her changing views and their continuing wobble between who are heroes and villains? If she witnesses more corporations acting morally reprehensible, it will be hard to imagine her not falling to the side of Liber8.

Where you surprised that Kiera let one of the Alecs live? Share your thoughts on the latest episode and watch Continuum online to help you piece together the puzzle.

Did Kiera do right in choosing Alec to go instead of CAlec?

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