Continuum: Watch Season 3 Episode 8 Online

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On Continuum Season 3 Episode 8, two future Corporate Congress members are caught up in scandals, one that gets their entire board killed. Could they be related?

Carlos goes to Julian for help, making the connection between the two in Kiera's new timeline. Julian is fired from his job at Firing Point and receives a visit from Garza.

Kiera questions everything. She enlists the aid of Betty to help her discover who is trying to frame Liber8 for a mass murder even though Dillon refuses to believe it could be anyone else.

Betty is pleased to learn Kiera is changing sides and soon her ankle bracelet is off. However, a larger fate awaits her.

Find out what it's all about when you watch Continuum online.

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Kiera: This is serious.
Samantha: I agree. You're not the only one who gets to take a leap for what she believes in. People should have the freedom to move, to think for themselves, to chase ridiculous dreams if that's what they want. ARREST ME!
Kiera: She's done nothing wrong.
CPS: She's here, isn't she?
Samantha: Kiera, you wanna be become this? Be rebellious in another way.
Kiera: I am not rebelling.
Samantha: Against me darlin'? Oh yes. Yes you are. It's OK to be wrong, but eventually you gotta own up. You're strong, baby, but that's not everything. I love you!

Kiera: Mom? What are you doing here?
Samantha: Standing up for something.