Legit Review: Parenthood

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This was a weird episode of Legit.

Steve, who had been sober for about three weeks, was doing well but was hit with a bomb of news in the fact that his ex-wife was pregnant and getting married to Todd.

Bender, here we come.

Except, aside from a few chuckles during Steve’s foray into copious amounts of alcohol and drugs, it really just was sad. I felt bad for him, especially because we’ve known him to be such a good guy. It was kind of difficult to watch him wander around in his underwear because you just wanted to help him.

And I felt bad for Steve’s kid because of that bender.

It even made a moment like Steve coming home drunk and Jim trying to prevent him from causing a scene in front of Emily feel very serious. It almost felt like a different show except with the Legit characters involved.

Certainly, it put Jim in a good light, and the comedian who we’ve known to be more adept at women and parties turned out to be a rather good parent to Emily. It was amusing watching him play princess, understand her rules or even telling Emily a bedtime story.

His interactions with Emily were cute (and Billy helped too), and I really liked seeing that type of scenario for his character. If anything, he’s definitely grown up much more in Legit Season 2.

It was certainly interesting that his high school flame from Legit Season 2 Episode 4 turned out to be living in the area and at the hospital. A coincidental meeting for the two, but I liked her coming to visit him as well.

Perhaps those two can spark up again? There’s definitely some chemistry between the two that feels very natural. You want things to work out for Jim, and really everyone on the show.

But that’s what makes Legit Season 2 Episode 10 such an odd one to review. It felt far too serious, rather than the shenanigans the gang usually ends up in. I didn’t leave the episode feeling lighthearted and thinking about all the funny moments and scenes.

It’s a positive thing to touch on the more personal side to the characters, but the balance seemed to tip too far for me. And someone really needs to get Steve some help so the gang can get back into the fun times.

Should Jim get back with his old high school love?

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