Modern Family: Watch Season 5 Episode 21

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Gloria plans for the family to take a new portrait on Modern Family Season 5 Episode 21.

Phil finds out that the local record store has the album he lost his virginity to. When he feels guilty, he destroys the album, but misses the washing machine repair man. Phil finds himself in a shame spiral for lying.

Later we find out that Claire lost her engagement ring months ago. 

Jay enters Stella in a dog competition, but is embarrassed to tell everyone. 

Claire gets mad at Cam for never using her hand me downs for Lily. Mitchell feels invisible. 

So what did Cam do to prove Claire wrong? Watch Modern Family online to find out!


Modern Family Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Can I sit around an empty house and wait for someone? Baby I'm a realtor. I have a license for that.


That's a library? I thought it was a church for a religion that didn't allow makeup.