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On Salem Season 1 Episode 3 the seer reveals that it was Isaac and a companion in the woods who disturbed the witches ritual.

Magistrate Hale wants to hang Isaac as a witch but when Mary discovers another secret, she demands that he stop. He doesn't like to heed the advice of others.

Isaac learns what it means to have a friend for the first time in his life. 

Cotton makes promises he may not be able to keep. He believes he trusts in the evidence, but what evidence has he really seen that would be enough to put anyone to death?

Someone may be working against Mary in her own home. Will she discover who it is before it's too late?

To find about about these stories you need to watch Salem online!

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Salem Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Make up your mind Reverend, is he a witch or a victim of the craft?


Thieves have come to ransack the orphanage now that the town sees fit to hang its guardian.