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Mary discovers who witnessed the witches’ ceremony and deliberates a course of action on this episode of Salem.

Anne has a horrible nightmare about sleeping with John and Mary and Cotton showing up in the room with them.

The town is hanging the guardian of the orphanage. John stops it and walks Anne home.

Hale finds out Isaac saw the witches and someone was with him, but he doesn't know who.

John goes to a place in the woods and is attacked by a dog. When he stumbles out of the shack, he falls into Hale.

Isaac is kidnapped and scared in the woods as pig headed souls try to get him to say who was with him in the woods.

Cotton and the prostitute are in bed and she's questioning how she can be saved if someone as good as the midwife was hanged. 

Isaac doesn't tell anyone who was with him but goes nuts in the town square bringing many out to see him. John tries to help and Cotton thinks he was spelled. 

Mary tries to find out where the witches stand on moving forward. 

John appeals to Mary to protect Isaac. She gives him her complete allegiance after learning Isaac said nothing and that Cotton and Hale were both there before Isaac was given a sleeping tonic.

Isaac thinks he sees Abby and she asks him who was with him in the woods. It's Mary projecting herself. Cotton witnesses Isaac talking but doesn't see Abby. Isaac says he can't tell her. She pushes and Mary learns it was John. 

Mary tells Hale that Isaac was alone. He says they will hang Isaac. She says he will not. Hale says he's going to hang him. Cotton is concerned with what Isaac saw at the whorehouse.

Anne tells her father she knows what he is doing and she hates him for it. Her mother tells her to find her voice so that she can use it.

Anne finally notices there is something wrong with a doll in her room. It's too late, Mary hurts Anne and she falls to the ground with blood running out of her mouth.

Hale has his people punch the crap out of John. Cotton lets Isaac out of his cell to help John. 

Hale goes to Mary to ask her to stop hurting Anne and he'll leave Isaac alone. She says she alone will decide who lives and dies and he acquiesces for Anne's sake.

Hale never understood his parents sending him away until now. A parent will do anything for the life of their child.

Hale tells John and Cotton they're willing to let Isaac go. Cotton lets John tell him the news.

Cotton goes back to the prostitute and tells her Isaac is free and assures her no harm will come to her. He says he believes he's doing good in Salem and she says his father would be very proud.

Isaac takes flowers to the whores.

Mary tells John she's grateful for Isaac.

George has gotten a knitting needle and stabs himself in the leg.


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Salem Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Make up your mind Reverend, is he a witch or a victim of the craft?


Thieves have come to ransack the orphanage now that the town sees fit to hang its guardian.