Salem: Watch Season 1 Episode 4 Online

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On Salem Season 1 Episode 4 a stranger arrives in town who shares a past with John Alden. Why he has come to town, however, is the real surprise.

Mercy is freed from her possession by her father. Upon realizing she has lost control, Mary sets a plan into motion to get it back.

Cotton feels like a failure and takes it out on the person he cares for most.

We discover what George Sibley is doing with the knitting needle, but it's all in vain. 

Characters lose their footing as they make decisions they cannot rescind. Watch Salem online to find out how it all plays out.

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Salem Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tituba: What's happened?
Mercy: We've lost control. She's no longer ours.

Who among us is unburdened by shame or secrets that we hide from the world?