Supernatural Picture Preview: Game's On!

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Did you ever wonder if angels could bowl? That's how they make thunder, right?

Well, you might have to keep wondering, because even though Metratron and Gadreel are at an alley in these photos from Supernatural Season 9 Episode 22, neither of them are shown picking up a ball.

Tessa the reaper is back and she's behind a conspiracy between the angels. Is she working for Metatron?

One thing's for sure -- someone is telling the angels it's a good idea to sacrifice themselves in the name of Castiel. How they think dwindling numbers in an army against Metatron will help their cause we will surely find out.

Cas calls on Sam and Dean and Dean eagerly picks up the First Blade to head into battle. Sam's definitely not liking the toll the Mark of Cain seems to be taking on his big brother.

It sounds like evil is afloat and Metatron doesn't like that the army he wanted Castiel to assemble is actually following where Castiel leads. So much for writing the way the world works!

Flip through the photos and be back here after the show for a full review.

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