Supernatural Season Finale Photos: How Will it End?

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Another finale is upon us. 

On Supernatural Season 9 Episode 23, Dean feels the effects of the First Blade as everyone teams up to try to stop Metatron when he makes his move against humanity.

Sam and Castiel are hoofing it as a dynamic duo and stumble upon someone in the grass while Dean and Crowley stop by a pub.

We know the First Blade has been doing a job on Dean, but one of the photos stands out. Dean is clutching the First Blade and he's covered in blood. Has the blade gotten the better of him or did he get the chance to take down Metatron?

To find out we'll have to tune into "Do You Believe in Miracles." Prepare to expect the unexpected. Here's hoping another brother doesn't find his way to hell!

Flip through the photos and be back here on Tuesday for a full review of the installment.

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And here's a look at the three main stars offering up various previews for the finale:

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