The Mentalist Round Table: "Blue Bird"

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It was the what shipper's dreams are made of on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22, as Patrick Jane was finally honest about his feelings for Teresa Lisbon.

Of course, that was after all of his lies, schemes and manipulations didn't work.

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by The Mentalist fans from Twitter @Nerwen_Aldarion and @SteeleSimz to discuss surprises, disappointments and favorite scenes from The Mentalist season 6 finale.

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised that Lisbon didn't tell Jane she was leaving?

Robin: Yes and no. I was surprised that she let him find out through the grapevine and that really hurt him, but I can understand the avoidance aspect of her actions. 

Nerwen_Aldarion:  No, she dragged her feet telling him about Pike's offer, of course she would do the same here. She also wanted to give him more time to try and get her to stay since it is obvious she really didn't want to go. Of course Jane would miss all of THOSE signals.

SteeleSimz:  No, I wasn't surprised as she stated in the show it was hard. They have such a history together that telling him that she was leaving would have been hard for her. I think keeping it from him was her way of trying to tell herself that she was okay with leaving him. Also I think it is always hard to tell those you are closest with the truth because you don't want to hurt them. 

Christine:  A little. I understand that it's hard but she only had one week left and everyone in the office seemed to know. I suppose she thought that if she put it off long enough he'd find out on his own and that's exactly how it played out. 

Jane really didn't think Lisbon would go to D.C.? Why?

Robin: I think it comes down to a running motif this season - Jane taking for granted that he knows Lisbon. Jane's got blinders on when it comes to Lisbon, and recently he's consistently misread her intentions and underestimated the strength of her will.

Nerwen_Aldarion:  In this regard I think Jane is a little selfish, he simply couldn't fathom that she would leave HIM. Partly because I'm sure he knew she had feelings for him but also because he had been taking her for granted until now. Like she said in the episode "I'm a convenience for you" She'd always been there for him, he just assumed she always would...silly man. He didn't realize that she needs more than just his dazzling smile to keep her.

SteeleSimz:  I don't think he wanted to believe that she would move on without him. He has always done the running away and when he returned she was there for him. In this case he was the one being left and he deep down believe that she wouldn't leave him because she hadn't left him all the other times. I also believe deep down Jane already knew that Lisbon wasn't in love with Pike and that she was just doing this to prove a point to Jane. 

Christine: Denial. Lisbon has always been there for him, whether to help him with Red John or bail him out when things didn't go according to plan. And even if it did take some prodding, she followed him to Austin and the FBI. He really never expected her to leave and I think there was a part of Lisbon that knew it and wanted to prove him wrong. That she wasn't as predictable as he believed. 

Abbott saw romance where Cho saw a brother/sister relationship. Which side did you agree with?

Robin: I think that whole conversation was Heller & Co's way of paying respect to the fans who have been debating both sides of the coin for the past year! I'd say we've seen both over the course of the series. For at least the first 4 seasons, Jane and Lisbon were strictly, wonderfully platonic, and I would have cried bloody murder if they tried to put them together then. However, around The Mentalist Season 5, their relationship subtly started to evolve to get us to this point, and it did so quite naturally.

Nerwen_Aldarion: Abbott of course! I'm SHOCKED Cho saw them that way and have to wonder if it was a bit of tongue in cheek to the anti-shippers in the fandom. They always claimed there was a brother/sister relationship but I have a brother, he has NEVER told me that "emeralds look lovely with your eyes", has NEVER teased about seducing me over dinner, has NEVER suggested that he could read my dirty thoughts and then grinned while I blushed...and that was all in season 1! It was there from the beginning, the flirtation and then eventually the deep abiding love. I think it was planned too, but people will see what they want to see sometimes.

SteeleSimz: I agree with Abbott. I was sort of surprised that Cho didn't know it since he has been around them for so long but it was nice change to show that Cho doesn't always see things. I loved that Abbott ordered wine and then poured Cho a glass after Cho admits that he wasn't sure why this bugged Lisbon more than Jane burying someone alive. 

Christine: I have to say that I didn't see more than a platonic relationship for at least the first three seasons. Around The Mentalist Season 4 things slowly began to change in a very organic way. By the time Red John was killed, I was rooting for these two to become a couple so I'm thrilled we've finally gotten there. 

Did you know the letter was Jane's elaborate plan?

Robin: I knew it from the get-go. As soon as they said all transfers were cancelled, I knew Jane was behind it, and was just waiting for that bomb to go off.

Nerwen_Aldarion: Not at first but when Lisbon "solved" the puzzle I realized it was a ruse, no way Jane wouldn't solve it first and then it all came together way too nicely. I shouldn't have been as surprised as I was though, this is Patrick Jane we are talking about.

SteeleSimz: Not at first but about the time Lisbon solved it on the beach I knew it was a plan. Considering Jane acted like he couldn't figure it out and even Lisbon said that if he "Can't figure out she can't figure it out" I knew that he had written the letter in order to get her to work the case. I do think it is brilliant and would have worked completely if Lisbon hadn't asked about the robe. 

Christine: The thought crossed my mind in the beginning but I didn't know until Lisbon solved the clue while walking on the beach. Jane looked so happy with himself that she was having fun and that his plan was working. 

Was Lisbon right to be furious at Jane?

Robin: Absolutely. I understood everything she felt; being used, being taken for granted, being deceived yet again.  He did what we know she hates - made her the subject of a con.

Nerwen_Aldarion: Does a bear sh*t in the woods? The guy faked evidence (AGAIN) and ruined her plans but not with any honesty but rather more tricks. I wish she'd punched him!

SteeleSimz: Oh, yes of course. Once again he used her, lied to her, con her all to benefit himself. She finally told him what I had been waiting for her to tell him. The whole scene of them speaking through the door was perfect, the acting, the emotions, all of it was what needed to be said after so many seasons. 

Christine: Oh yeah. Jane did everything that she hates. He lied to her, patronized her by letting her crack the code, and conned her. Since he didn't share his true feelings, it all made him come off like a selfish jerk who simply didn't want to be inconvenience by her departure. Something would be wrong with Lisbon if she weren't furious. 

Some fans think that Jane's desperate run to the plane was out of character. Do you agree?

Robin: I do agree, but would argue that was the whole point of that scene, and what made it brilliant. While it's certainly not out of character for Jane to take extreme measures to get something done, it WAS out of character for him to do so outside of a con or manipulation.

This was a turning point for his character. It would have meant nothing if the end result came from Jane doing something that Jane normally does.  His mad dash across the tarmac was symbolic of his realization that his ways were what was standing between him and Lisbon. So for the first time in a long time, Jane did something extreme that was driven by honesty and sincerity, by his acknowledgment of his own truth.

Nerwen_Aldarion: Nope. Jane has buried people alive, faked deaths, robbed a casino and faked a melt down to get himself fired...he is a man that goes to extremes. What was more interesting about this is that this action wasn't something he'd "planned" or anything that was a trick or a con, rather desperation and love fueled his motions here which is why it was so much more poignant.

It also meant so much more to Lisbon that way, where his elaborate con job to get her to stay failed, him finally ripping open his heart to let her see the honesty and love she'd been searching for worked. It makes sense to me, lies come easier to Jane than truth, thankfully he saw that it wouldn't be tricks that would get him his girl.

SteeleSimz: Personally I didn't think it was out of character. Jane has done tons of crazy things in the past and when presented with a final chance he took it. I can see why some fans believed it was out of character. I know a lot of them would have wanted him not to move on from his wife but this is TV and a lot of times in shows you want the happy ending. Would this happen in real life? Who knows.  

Christine: The honesty was what was out of character. Jane finally realized he was in love and he was desperate to tell that to Lisbon. Love and desperation can drive anyone to do things that are a little out of character. 

Was there anything that disappointed you about the season finale?

Robin: I can't say that there is, really. I loved every second of it, and thought the understated ending was absolutely perfect. 

Nerwen_Aldarion: Gosh, that it wasn't two hours? That it had to end? That is about it.

SteeleSimz: I don't think anything disappointed me about the finale. I was looking forward to this episode so much more after we got the renewal news and even if we hadn't I would have been happy with the episode. It opened doors for future episode while closing other doors. I think Bruno and company did the best they could with what they knew might or might not happen. They tried to please fans in the end which is nice. Yes, not all fans are happy but a lot are with how this all played out. 

Christine: I would have liked more kissing at the end and maybe a little more conversation once they were being honest about their feelings. Other than that, it was all good. 

What was your favorite scene?

Robin: Everything that happened between Patrick jumping the fence to being hauled off the plane. There was SO MUCH in that scene. There's the stuff I mentioned earlier. I loved that he kept running even after twisting his ankle, stumbling yet continuing through pain just as he was about to do with his emotions. I loved that he immediately realized that telling her he loved her and his honesty was worth it despite how terrifying it was.

I loved that he simply confessed his feelings without asking her to stay, showing that he finally understood how to respect her wishes. Listen, not many shows can take a cliché and pack it so densely with subtle but real character work. Also, Simon Baker - my goodness - he owned the hell out of that scene.

Nerwen_Aldarion:  From the airport to the end. So much raw emotion as Jane chased her then declared his love. I adored it so much, especially how he was all "That feels good to say" in some ways I think he has never been more honest with Lisbon then he has with anyone, even his wife. Before then his life had consisted of elaborate schemes and being the "smartest man in the room."

But here no amount of charm, wit or cheating would get him what he truly needed. He finally grew up and admitted that he has feelings and that all of his talents have failed him here because they weren't what she needed, she needed his honesty and love. Of course I adored the final kiss, he just looked so...blissful once he saw her, at ease because he realized that he'd been rewarded for his actions.

This was the first pure thing we'd ever seen him do on the show for the past 6 years and it was wonderful to watch as Jane FINALLY started to heal from his wounds. It's amazing to see the man who hid in a room with blood on the walls in the pilot become the man who is willing to let himself open up in front of an entire plane of people and move past his insecurities and problems to be with the woman he loved.

SteeleSimz:  I just don't have one favorite scene. I would Jane confess on the plane, it brought tears to my eyes as he admits his love for Lisbon and even though she tells him it is too late he understands but he had to let her know. Then there is the scene is the TSA interrogation room, Lisbon showing up and asking him if he meant it. Then him joking a little before saying he meant every word followed by the kiss was just perfect. Also I personally liked Lisbon throwing water in his face.

Christine: Wow! So hard to choose.  I was originally going to say the fight though the door because of the raw emotion but I think I have to go with the final scene.  I love the slow realization that dawns over Jane as it sinks in that she came back. That she's here and she loves him and this is really happening. It was sweet and wonderfully joyful.  Now I just can't wait for season 7!

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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