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Jane is the last to know that Lisbon has taken a job in Washington D.C. and plans to leave in a week. 

When a letter concerning a high profile cold case makes it sound as though the killer has returned, Lisbon must postpone her plans until the case is solved. 

Lisbon cracks the code in the letter which leads her and Jane to a beautiful resort. Jane books them rooms for the night and gets Teresa a special dress for dinner. 

When Lisbon learns that Jane set it all up, including the letter, she is furious. She immediately heads to the airport to leave for D.C. and calls Pike to accept his proposal.

After finding the real killer, Jane realizes he's been a coward and runs to the airport where he forces his way onto the plane and tells Teresa that he loves her.  Then the TSA drags him away as Teresa remains on the plane.

The next morning, Jane is still being held. Lisbon appears tells him she feels the same way. Jane leans over the table and kisses her as TSA yells at him to stop. 

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

You're acting cool about stuff I know you can't be cool with.


Oh LIsbon's not leaving. She likes to talk like she might but I don't think she's going anywhere.