The Originals Round Table: "From a Cradle to a Grave"

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It's the season finale on everyone's mind this week! Oh yes, we're talking about The Originals!

Shocking, heartbreaking, and appropriately cliffhanger-y, we just can't wait for this series to return.

Join Heather Vee and Crissy Calhoun from and Leigh Raines and Miranda Wicker from right here at TV Fanatic as we break down The Originals season finale.

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What was your favorite quote or scene from The Originals Season 1 Episode 22?

Heather: I don't even know how I can choose, but "Her name is Hope," absolutely shattered me. You know, I was highly skeptical of the baby plotline going into this show, but last night really was a testament to how the writers have worked their mojo and made the audience invested because I just about fell apart.

Crissy: I can't even think about that Klaus-Rebekah scene right now because I am at work and do not want to cry. So, for variety's sake, I will go with Marcel holding Baby Hope and Klaus with his adopted son and his daughter, and oh man I might cry.

Leigh: Seeing Rebekah and the scene at the car was just such a gold star moment. It was easily one of the best scenes of the season. For variety, this might be messed up for me to say but when Marcel stabbed Monique with the death star I was doing a dance in my living room. Marcel, sir, you are awesome. 

Miranda: I agree with you, Leigh, that Marcel killing Monique was pretty fantastic. And to throw something different out there, since I actually agree with each of you, I'll go with Davina's determination to save Josh and Marcel. Lifting the blood off the streets was incredibly smart and then Marcel's willingness to give Davina her friend back even if it meant he might die? Loved it.

In 10 words or less, give your reaction to The Originals Season 1 finale.

Heather: Overwhelmed, heart ravaged by beauty, probably in need of therapy.

Crissy: Earnestly moved, gutted, hopeful, proud as heck. 

Leigh: Impressive, thorough, perfect. That's the way a finale should be done. 

Miranda: Epic. Amazing. Perfect. Let's all watch it again.

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your shock level when Monique killed Hayley.

Heather: When it happened? Probably a 7. I was very surprised, but thinking about the Other Side situation, NOT about the possibility of hybrid blood playing a part, so that particular twist was a 9 or 10 for me.

Crissy: I was at about an 8. That was cold as ice to slit a person's throat as they're about to hold their newborn. Monique is the worst. 

Leigh: A 9. I don't know how I didn't see that coming considering how much I hate Monique. That was seriously messed up. Let the woman hold her baby. 

Miranda: A solid 9.8 for me. Not only was it swift and unexpected and done without so much as a word, it sent my mind reeling to the Other Side, what would happen to the baby, the parallels of the baby growing up without her mother, funny thoughts of Klaus and Elijah trying to change a diaper. It made Monique's death even more just.

Better emotional moment: Elijah's grief over losing Hayley or Klaus' single man-tear when telling Cami to leave?

Heather: I hate comparing the two but the Elijah moment was devastating. Not to belittle Klaus's moment with Cami but we're kind of used to the mighty Klaus Single Man Tear, so seeing Elijah break down was not only heart-wrenching, but a bit soul-razing as well.

Crissy: Agreed. That was an unprecedented Elijah moment. His face. I can't. 

Leigh: I love Cami but with everything else going on this episode I was barely paying attention to her. Elijah FTW. 

Miranda: Oh my god, Elijah! RIP OUT MY HEART, WHY DON'T YOU!? The pain and anguish in his voice and the heartbreak all over his face was just...ugh. It was...yeah. I'm going to need to go cry again now.

What are your thoughts about Hayley becoming a hybrid?

Heather: I think I love this development! Not only did it create the heartbreaking situation of Hayley needing her own baby's blood to transition, but it creates a lot of tension within the werewolf community as we move into Season 2. 

Crissy: Love it. It brings her closer to Klaus, even closer to her child as they're torn apart, it makes her stronger, it frees her from monthly lockup. It makes total sense and I zero percent saw it coming. 

Leigh: Never saw it coming. So awesome. Love the small changes we saw in her already, the calm determination, fierce loyalty and protection. I like a strong Hayley. She will rock being a hybrid. 

Miranda: I really love this development, and I, too, never saw it coming. I kept saying "She can't be dead. This can't be...No way..." and my husband looked at me like I had an extra head. And I was right...sort of! I really think this is going to make things even more interesting when The Originals returns.

Grade The Originals Season 1.

Heather: It had its rough patches in the first half, and a lot of wonderful moments as well, but man did it rise to the occasion in the back half. I anticipate Season 2 will be even better. I would give Season 1 a B+/A- overall. 

Crissy: There were definitely some rough patches, but man did it rally and sort itself out. Averaging out the amazing and the clunky? I guess B-. But A+ for effort, and in my heart.

Leigh: I'm going with an A. It's been a long time since I feel like I've seen a truly unique and great first season of a show. Bravo to The Originals. Can't wait to get back to New Orleans! 

Miranda: I'm going with a solid A+, even though the werewolf story hasn't been my favorite. And even though there were some slow times. The finale more than made up for anything I could have complained about. Excellent job, writers, and congrats on an epic first season.

Miranda Wicker was a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in 2017. Follow her on Twitter.

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