Game of Thrones Review: What's It All About?

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Since being fingered for Joffrey's death, each scene featuring Tyrion has taken on added significance.

With his trial by combat finally upon him, he and Jaime reminisced about their beetle bashing cousin Orson. Tyrion shared how he searched in vain for the purpose behind his cousin's obsessive behavior.

And his lack of an answer cast a cynical pall over the rest of Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8.

The motivating factors driving the characters on the show are as numerous as they are. Grey worm has been a devoted follower of Dany's, but what drives him? He showed this week that while he captains the Unsullied for Dany's purposes with unwavering devotion, he is not above having desires of his own.

There's flattery and then there is someone saying they don't regret the day they were castrated because it lead to meeting you. What a scene that was between Grey Worm and Missandei.

While Missandei's heart fluttered, Dany had hers broken by Jorah's. He, of course, was correct in saying the appearance of the document was Tywin's work, but one can hardly blame Dany for her reaction.

We know Jorah to be a converted and very loyal follower of Dany's, but Tywin's plan worked in weakening her ranks by exposing a hidden truth.

Ygritte may be the weakest link in the wilding army's ranks, but thankfully so: she showed Gilly and her baby mercy in Molestown. The gesture confirmed she still has a soft spot in her heart in which there still may be some feelings for Jon Snow residing even.

Elsewhere, Ramsay showed the men at Moat Cailin no mercy after Reek did his job and got them to open their gates. The axe to the head of the garrison commander came not a moment too soon, as it looked like Reek was about to crack under the strain of the moment. He did enough, though, to make his master proud, helping him earn a new name in the process.

How interesting to see Ramsay bestowed with the name Bolton, as such having his position in life legitimized. It reemphasized just how emasculating an act his renaming of Theon was.

Sansa revealed her real name to the nobility of the Vale and in doing so gave her testimony on Petyr's behalf great credibility. By being a party to murder, she said goodbye to her innocence in a way. To further depict the significance of the moment, she later appeared dressed in black with her hair matching in color.

Together she and Petyr looked set to help Robin emerge from his nest on high to visit his lands. Another child in a position of power with adults pulling his strings.

Sandor must have felt like someone was pulling his leg after he learned the woman he hoped would pay his reward for Arya had died just days prior. Arya could not hold back her amusement and outburst of laughter provided one of the episodes rare moments of levity.

The battle to decide Tyrion's fate was, of course, the most anticipated moment of the episode - and Oberyn looked ready to deliver a show. As he repeated his accusations to The Mountain again and again, the scene took on the feel of Inigo Montoya's duel with the Six Fingered Man at the end of The Princess Bride.

Sadly for him, the outcome was not the same and vengeance lost out.

The action was very one-sided with The Mountain looking like it was he who had too much wine before the fight. With that one punch - which separated Oberyn from a number of his teeth - we saw the storied power he possessed.

Then we saw the side of him that had burned the face of his brother years ago, as he confessed his crimes to Oberyn moments before crushing his head with his bare hands.

Along with Oberyn's skull went Tryion's hopes of survival, as he was immediately sentenced to death by his father.

Will the series actually kill of its most popular character... again?

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