Orange is the New Black Review: People are People

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It would be nice if there was just one place where people were people, right?

Instead, inside of Litchfield, the races are segregated and at each other's throats, the hierarchy of the guards is ridiculous in how it operates and it's really just a small microcosm of the world everyone left on the outside.

On Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 8, several people found themselves in places they'd rather not be as a result of odd circumstances in tiny spaces.

Light Up!

The more pressure Caputo felt from Figueroa, the harder he came down on the guards. Unfortunately for Fischer, she was one of his biggest targets because he had a crush on her and Fig new it. When Fischer did what any normal employee would do in the situation -- ask questions about the legality and justification of what they were doing to the inmates -- Caputo fired her.

I'm really going to miss Fischer, even more because Fig took it upon herself to hire her replacement -- Pornstache. We all knew he was coming back, but at the loss of Fischer it was just distasteful.

Our back story during " Appropriately Sized Pots" was Rosa the cancer patient. It was very cool getting to know someone who had been in the joint for most of their life and who was going to die there. Healy had to tell her that she wasn't getting the surgery that could save her life.

It was the best light Healy has been painted in for quite some time. Later, when Piper wanted to give back her furlough because others could use it more than she could, he explained to her that he spent the morning telling someone he couldn't help save her life but if Chapman could go spend some time with someone she loves, then she's damn well going to do it.

Healy started out with ideals, wanting to make a difference and he's ended up here. As someone who learned that lesson a lot sooner than Healy, I get it. I wanted to be a social worker until I saw them in action. They were so jaded, unhappy and could barely do anything for the sake of those they were supposed to care about. I got the hell out. For so many like Healy who don't get that lesson, they spend a long time trying to right the wrongs.

Piper getting furlough to see her grandmother and say goodbye was a drop in the giant bucket. It was something Healy had control over. Neither he nor Piper could make a difference about what the powers that be think about racial differences or any of that, he did what he could. Piper, being who she was, benefited.

It was also cool that after Suzanne tossed her cake at Piper's head (WTH was Suzanne thinking wasting cake like that?!), Piper let it all out. She's a whitey. Nothing she can do about it now. Her grandmother is a whitey, too, but dammit, she loves her. 

Maybe I'm an idealist. I guess I was once. I would hope that when a bunch of women get locked up together that they'd find some common denominator. We have it in us, don't we?

Other groovy bits:

  • LOVED that everyone was ragging (yes, a female word to the max) on Soso about not showering. I would have thrown her ass in there myself. There is nothing I hate more than stank.
  • If they sell mascara in the commissary, why not lipstick or lip gloss? Why would guards want to look at a bunch of unprepared women all the time? Why allow them to have their hair done, but no lip gloss to top it off? I don't get it.
  • It was rather ironic that Rosa was fighting for her life with cancer (granted, it was ovarian) as other women fought for cigarettes that cause it. 
  • The episodes are happening one day after another, aren't they? I am surprised we aren't seeing some more time lapse as the season progresses this time around.
  • I knew Piper's grandma would die before she got her furlough. There is never enough time. Whether you're in or out, you can bet your life that you will not be prepared for someone to die. Tie up lose ends. Trust me.

What did you think Rosa wanted her chemo buddy to steal from the nurse?

Appropriately Sized Pots Review

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