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That describes Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 10, the second season finale of this brilliant BBC America program. 

They wouldn't dare not renew the series, would they? After a finale like this one that will have people talking for days, it's highly unlikely we won't hear about a renewal very shortly.

The Dyad is, essentially, done and a new organization was revealed with a surprising figurehead -- Marian Bowles. Low and behold Michelle Forbes was not the bad guy! Congrats to her for moving away from coming in as the big bad. This was much better.

Sarah surrendered to Dyad to free Kira. Rachel had taken Delphine off the clone project and shipped her to Frankfurt, leaving the future of the clones in the hands of a Dr. Nealon. He only really had Rachel's future in mind, as it was revealed she was unable to find redemption, even after reuniting with the father who went to great lengths to show her love as a child.

Rachel was singularly focused on having a child. She wanted the cipher to all of Ethan Duncan's scientific work revealed or else. Ethan was left with only one option, sacrificing himself to save the lives of the others at the expense of Rachel. He chose the many over the one he raised. Nature and nurture comes to light again.

Rachel did have a moment of self-pity and despair as she realized Ethan had taken his own life, but it was difficult to determine how much of that was true affection and how much was anguish at not getting what she wanted. Ethan never knew the reason the clones were created, and for him perpetuating more without that answer was reprehensible. 

Sarah signed away her eggs as a means to get to Kira, but of course Rachel turned that on her. Before she ever saw her daughter, Sarah was wheeled into surgery to have one of her ovaries removed for science. Rachel was certain Ethan gave Sarah the cipher, and smashed all of the donated marrow to try to get the answer from her. It was fruitless.

Scott and Cosima, however, had a master plan that resulted in Rachel's demise (not sure if it's a figurative one or a permanent one) and Marian's true purpose. She rules Topside, one of the many groups overseeing Dyad. She has an eight year old clone named Charlotte. Her interest in their future is sincere.

Working with Siobhan, Cal and Paul they all came together to free Sarah and Kira. Long ago the clone project split into two factions. One was with Dyad. The other was with the military -- Project Castor. 

Helena found her way to Art and met all of her sestras. It was a night of festivity and merriment and dancing to Reggae. Cosima removed her oxygen and it felt like we would lose her. We didn't, but Helena was kidnapped.

Paul is in the military. Major Paul to you and me. He wants Helena for Project Castor. Siobhan tells him Sarah will never forgive her. Paul says she did what she had to do. What, exactly, went down?

We caught up with Gracie and Mark, on the run after Helena set fire to the ranch. They are marrying. As Project Castor is slowly revealed, we have to wonder if Henrik knew more than he let on. Whose baby is Gracie carrying? Helena's and -- Henrik's or Mark's?

Mark is a clone. Project Castor is the male clone project and if Henrik had Mark and was searching for Helena, he likely knew what he was dealing with. He could have just implanted both Gracie and Helena with the first fully cloned children in existence. Until Helena searched for and found Helena, the two adult projects had never met.

It's so absolutely brilliant for there to be more to the fish people, as Felix calls them, than just crazy Henrik with some religious zealotry. Helena is boarding a military plane bound for who knows where. It's doubtful anyone knows she's already carrying a child. The military took for granted the twins would both be fertile. They were right, of course, but Henrik got there first. And, if I'm right, with the sperm of another clone.

But was Henrik in on the secret or did Mark just fall into his hands? How would that even be possible? It seems that in Season 3 (BBCA willing) we should learn more about Henrik and what he knew, how he became aware of the factions and managed to bring them together. 

Or... not? I suppose it's all in the air. Cosima's future again hangs in the balance, but bringing Delphine back immediately would help immensely, especially since Kira held the key to Ethan's science in The Island of Dr. Moreau. Helena's travels will be far and all encompassing. Sarah will be itching to put all of the pieces together and with the help of Marian, she may discover things about Siobhan and Paul she doesn't like.

What an absolutely fantastic ride. If you need to catch up, watch Orphan Black online via TV Fanatic.

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