Orphan Black: Watch Season 2 Episode 9 Online

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On Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 9 Alison and Donnie find common ground and rekindle their love as they dispose of Leekie.

Kira makes a decision that surprises her mother, buys her auntie some time and ends up in the eye of another. 

Rachel pulls one over on Delphine with tragic consequences.

Gracie starts to see Helena in a new light and the two of them plan to escape. It doesn't exactly go as expected, but Helena makes sure there is a permanence to her situation.

Find about everything that went down in this brilliant episode when you watch Orphan Black online.

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Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Please. Things are different now. I've been lied to as well.


Donnie: I think those are his brains. They're congealed.
Alison: Oh. OK. Pitter patter Donnie. Come on. Let's get to it.