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Donnie and Alison put Leekie in the freezer.

Helena is transplanted with her embryos. Delphine is given Leekie's job in the interim.

Sarah, Cosima and Alison talk via Skype. Cosima's only chance until Ethan comes up with a cure is Kira.

Donnie wants to dump Leekie in a lake, but they don't have a boat. Plus, Alison reasons, have you ever seen Dexter? They decide to bury him in the garage.

Helena is taken to the nursery school and preschool on the ranch. There are dozens of children.

Henrik gives Mark his blessing for him and Gracie. It's time for Gracie to bear fruit. Is Mark ready to stand by her as her husband?

Sarah talks to Kira about giving bone marrow. Kira doesn't like needles, but she's worried about Auntie Cosima dying, so she agrees.

Vic goes to Alison's to try to get her to talk on a wire.

When the midwife manhandles a little girl who wanted to touch Helena's hair, Helena manhandles the midwife. It's the first time Gracie seems taken with Helena.

Kira undergoes the bone marrow extraction while Sarah cries at her side. They take so much marrow.

Vic looks through Alisons's garage window to try to figure out what she's doing. Donnie puts a gun to his head. Donnie all of a sudden is "the man."

Henrik inseminates Gracie.

Normal development of the clones was the prime development and they used the least invasive way to sterilize them.

Ethan won't give out the key to the sequences to cure the clones until he knows Dyad's intentions, because he has no intentions of allowing anyone to perpetuate the experiment.

Mark tells Helena Henrik gives everyone his children to perpetuate his divine. Divine what?

Marian visits Rachel. Sarah Manning intrigues her. She's a product of chance, but they're at loggerheads with her.

Rachel retires to a dark room with a martini and a wall sized screen to see her childhood movies. She laughs and cries, then looks at Sarah and Kira before calling a Dr. Nealon for his expertise.

Delphine goes to assume Leekie's office. A confidential file pops up on Rachel's computer about coming to terms with an asset; the man that has been helping Kiera with the weird face. It seems like a setup.

Sara is taking care of Kira after her surgery.

Helena puts on her clothes to leave. She doesn't belong there. She tells Grace she's a good girl, and if doesn't want to have her babies she shouldn't have her babies. Gracie decides to leave with Helena, but Henrik stops them.

Gracie says since mother has gone out west to find more brood mares, they can both go to hell. Henrik rifle butts Helena to the face and imprisons Gracie. Mark tries to help Gracie but Henrik tries to stop him. Mark defies Henrik. He says he's not locking Gracie up anymore and Helena attacks Henrik. Mark and Gracie run.

Allison and Donnie fix the garage. Burying a dead body gets you really hot and Alison and Donnie have sex on the freezer.

Helena has Henrik in the bed, his legs in stirrups. She implants him with some horse semen and while he screams she laughs hysterically. She's running and the ranch is burning.

Delphine tells Sarah what she knows about the asset. While she's in the car with Delphine Rachel, dressed up as Sarah, reaches Kira. She puts a needle in Felix's neck when he gets a call from Sarah.

Sarah shows up and Siobhan doesn't understand where she came from. It's a setup. The guy isn't compromised, but it's too late. Rachel has Kira.

Delphine goes to Cosima crying, telling her she's made a horrible mistake.

Kira wakes up in a bedroom; perhaps Rachel's from when she was a girl. She intends to keep her.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Please. Things are different now. I've been lied to as well.


Donnie: I think those are his brains. They're congealed.
Alison: Oh. OK. Pitter patter Donnie. Come on. Let's get to it.