Suits Review: Coming To You Now

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The war between Harvey and Mike wages on - and this week it got personal.

At the same time, Louis catches onto Jeff and Jessica, much to Jeff's surprise.

Indeed, Suits Season 4 Episode 3 packed quite the punch.

Perhaps the most obvious blows took place between Mike and Harvey. It consisted of several hard rounds.

The first round consisted of Logan urging Harvey to have Mike investigated. The move forced Harvey to go to Gillis behind Mike's back and divulging his past as a drug dealer---which only lasted a second, by the way---and trying to use the death of Gillis' son by drug overdose to villainize Mike.

Harvey claims that it was the lesser of the two evils that could have occurred, alluding to the truth about his time at Pearson Specter as an unlicensed attorney. Of course Mike doesn't see it that way.

Mike sees it as a personal attack, so he strikes back harder by purchasing the master tapes of Harvey's father, the musician. He's been after them for a while, and it implicates Donna, who was the one who mentioned them to Mike in the first place.

We should have known that Rachel would get embedded further into the matter when Mike's attempt to collect intel on Sanders reveals a deposition Rachel gave in Sanders' divorce proceedings that were eventually halted. I really appreciated that moment between Mike and Rachel where she came to him with the truth. It wasn't that she lied, she only told what she needed to in order to neutralize the situation at the time.

It's interesting in that it mirrors what Harvey did for Mike, though Mike was much more willing to forgive Rachel's perceived transgressions than Harvey's.

Whether or not the chasm between the two once inseparable men is yet to be seen.

One relationship that perceivably went off the rails for the forseeable future this week was that between Jeff and Louis. Let's face it, though, we never expected for them to be besties even from the beginning, but the fact that Jeff keeps scheming to get to Jessica is already getting on my nerves, and it really gets my goat that he's using poor Louis to do it.

Shame on you, Jeff, shame on you. I hope Jessica continues to reject your advances. You don't seem to understand what it took for Jessica to keep her firm, and that's your first mistake, sir.

So, who took things too far this week? Mike, Harvey or Jeff?

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