Chasing Life Review: Keep Swinging

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April's lie is slowly being revealed, but there are still more family secrets waiting to come out.

The opening of Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 5 involved Dominic dragging April into a psychic. Thankfully, she wasn't very good, but she did mention two sisters which helped April open up with Dominic about one lie she's been keeping.

Dominic has been keeping a secret of his own -- his mother is in prison because she didn't turn in her boss while he was embezzling. April laughed when he told her, thinking he was joking. It was the perfect opportunity for her to open up with him, but she only revealed the story of her missing sister. 

I do worry that the longer she holds out on Dom the more likely he will be to flee when he learns about her cancer. He seems like a decent guy, but holding back something so gravely important could be a deal breaker for some people. 

When April fell asleep in the kitchen, it set off alarm bells for Sara. At Emma's urging, Sara rummaged through April's room, finding the pills she's been taking. April wasn't honest with her, but just after the conversation, she went to see George about Natalie Ortiz and Sara followed her.

The result was a clash of family and revelations for the audience. Sara held an intervention for April, and George just couldn't take it any more. Either April had to the tell the family or he would. Of course Sara was upset, but not for the reasons April had imagined she would be. 

A mother doesn't want her daughter to go something like that alone, and Sara was hurt at the realization April had been struggling with something so big alone. While the family was gathered, George received a call with April's official diagnosis. The treatment will include a full week of in-hospital chemotherapy and April freaks as the medical terms and concerns fly.

April ended the night with Dominic again, feeling safe in his arms, but not safe enough to share her secret. She recounts the dream she had about her dad. In it he told her about life's curve balls and how you have to keep swinging. 

April's family is great at keeping secrets. Her father harbored the one about an affair and another daughter through his death. Sara has allowed her family to believe George abandoned them, when she was the one who barred him from the funeral and told him to stay away.

The entire family scene was so emotional. First everyone learning of the news and then George lashing out about them thinking he doesn't give a damn because of Sara's grudge against him. Something tells me Sara knows about Natalie Ortiz and it was that secret that created the barrier between her and George. George's pain at the thought his niece's believe he doesn't care about him was intense.

I wonder what's next. Will April start treatment or put it off? What will she tell her job and Dominic? When will we learn what made Sara angry enough at George to forbid him to attend his own brother's funeral?

One last thing -- I loved that Beth reached out to Brenna. Taking Brenna and Kieran to Pretty in Pink was adorable. Kieran, for the first time, was acting differently. In order to make room for Brenna to open her heart to Greer, they started to portray him as kind of a jerk about important matters. I don't mind the desire to make Brenna bi-sexual (she doesn't define herself), but risking another character who had been different prior doesn't suit.

If you want to find out April's official diagnosis and how it went down you can watch Chasing Life online via TV Fanatic.

Do you think Sara knows about Natalie?

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