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With all the players known and extraneous storylines absent for the most part,  Murder in the First Season 1 Episode 5 hit the a high mark for the series.

"Pants on Fire" was a well-paced hour that provided real answers and propelled the case and the story forward. One suspect was marked off the list, while Erich Blunt demonstrated his own innocence through a lie detector test.

Who killed Cindy Strauss? The field narrowed, but the culprit is still unknown.

The only part of the episode I didn't enjoy was the awkwardness between Hildy and Terry over their kiss at the end of  Murder in the First Season 1 Episode 4. The interactions between the police partners were well-written and acted, but I can't get over the fact the kiss happened at all. It felt unearned and just another unnecessary aspect of the show.

For Terry to get up and sing "At Last" and get all emotional over Hildy felt wrong. His wife just died. Shouldn't he be mourning her death still? Why is he getting into his partner and swooning over their awkward romantic connection? I don't get it, but at least the other side stories were shelved for the hour.

Erich's civil attorney, David Hertzberg, did an amazing job at getting Erich out on bail. He manipulated the system to get a more favorable judge and used it to his advantage. The court scene was reminiscent of the The Good Wife ​with his fumbling the papers, acknowledging his inexperience, and playing for an audience. It worked. Erich was given bail.

As expected, Warren Daniels didn't stay away long. Erich's plea to Daniels was heartfelt and probably one of the most honest moments we've seen from the billionaire playboy. He appeared genuine in his innocence and desire to do it right this time around. Erich learned his lesson, now it's going to be a matter of whether or not he can temper his urges.

He handled the lie detector test well and even though he was awkward and uncomfortable throughout it, he kept his cool. He passed! I don't think Erich killed Cindy. Well, I guess it's more accurate to say, I really hope he didn't. If he's the killer, the series better have a really good explanation for how Erich has been able to come across as innocent.

Erich's a troubled man, but he really doesn't act like a murderer. Of course, he could be a psychopath and able to hide his true actions and intentions. He demonstrated signs of that by fixating on Hilty and showing up on her doorstep. Will she push him into dangerous territory? Perhaps.

I really hope the show doesn't go in the direction of Erich being deranged. I still like Wilkerson as Cindy's murderer. He's got an edge to him that would explain how he killed her. His wife filing for divorce should be a red flag for the police and bring him back into their investigation. She's less likely to cover for him now that she knows about his relationship with Cindy. With Cindy's husband cleared, it's time to move on to another suspect. It's his turn.

 "Pants on Fire" was my favorite episode so far. It had tension and even a little bit of humor, while answering questions and moving the case forward. The show was better without the extra cases like Hildy's shooting or going into the character's home lives. Who killed Cindy Strauss? That's still to be determined, but the ride has been engaging.

What was the creepiest moment?

Pants on Fire Review

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