Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode Preview: The Smackdown!

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Can Pretty Little Liars 100th episode really deliver 100 times... everything?!

I have my doubts, but they're pulling out all the stops and going for broke. Alison is going back to Rosewood High and she's as unwelcome now as she was popular the last time she was in school.

With Mona amassing an army to make Ali's life hell, it looks like some of it hits home because when Ali tells Mona she made her a loser once and can do it again -- all that's left is the slapping!

It looks like Spencer has her moment with Mrs. Hastings, too, finally demanding the truth. Will she get the answers she's been seeking?

The big question is who has been changed by what happened and who's going to punish the Liars for it? Is it Ali or Mona? My bet is on Mona.

Check out the clip and be back here for a full review of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 5 after it airs!

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

No offense, but if she's sad, she could cry in New York.


If the truth is the details, we still don't know what happened to her.


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