Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Thrown for a Ride"

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We're back with another Round Table, this time for Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 4.

Topics up for debate include Mona's Army, new gal Sydney, suspects in Mrs. D's murder, Ali's awkward doctor's visit and Hanna's shoplifting.

There may be five Liars on PLL, but we have three wicked bitches on the table this week. Act like a Liar and join Teresa Lopez, Leigh Raines and Carissa Pavlica by tossing your answers in the comments.


Mona's army seems a bit reluctant. Will she get them in line?

Teresa: Certainly, especially since it looks like Ali is about to bust out some classic Queen Bee moves next week. And even if they don't, Mona doesn't really need back up. She was A all by herself for a while, right?

Leigh: I'm assuming that Mona has blackmail on all of these people to get them back in line. I hope people like Paige are able to stand up to her because Mona is a total psychopath. Even though Ali is crazy too, I'd like her to whoop her.

Carissa: Mona is the most frightening person on the show. She's continually gone from crazy to accepted and back again. She's so nuts people are afraid to go against her, so she'll always have an army.

PLL RT - depreciated -

Sydney refuses to eat day-glow cheese in a can. Can we trust her?

Teresa: I'm all for distrusting any new person on this show. With Sydney, I just don't trust the way she's pushed her way in between Paige and Emily. Almost like she has some kind of agenda.

Leigh: Agreed, never trust any new person on this show!

Carissa: Well, bitch isn't welcome at my house. How I wish either Em or Paige would have declared it their favorite food vice!

How uncomfortable was Ali's visit to the doctor? What's the scar from?

Teresa: So uncomfortable! I knew there had to be a bigger reason for her to be so hesitant to visit the doctor. Lies always comes so easy for Ali. I'm guessing she's pissed off one too many people and someone decided to hurt her for it.

Leigh: That looked like a relatively new scar, do you think she got it from Mr. Hastings? That visit was SO uncomfortable. It felt invasive after all that Ali's gone through. I understand why it happened after the story she gave, but I did feel bad.

Carissa: Thankfully, Hanna looked so gorgeous in the office that I spent more time looking at her makeup than admitting I wanted to crawl in a hole. I wonder if running from whoever gave her the scar is the reason she decided to return home. Lesser of two evils?

Did Mr. Hastings kill Mrs. DiLaurentis to protect Spencer, or is he being set up by Mrs. H.?

Teresa: I've been suspicious of Mrs. Hastings since the season premiere. There's a finite list of people Mr. H will go out on a limb to protect, and I wouldn't put it past Mrs. H to protect her daughter against Jessica by killing her. It could account for why she's been acting so wound up lately.

Leigh: Either one. The Hastings family is just as messed up as the DiLaurentis family.

Carissa: The big green arrow pointing to Mr. Hastings is far too obvious. The more likely scenario is that he thinks he's protecting Jessica, who also isn't guilty. If they're going to odd ends for each other, perhaps it means they're still in love.

Hanna is stealing to cover her pain. What will the others do?

Teresa: Well, Aria's going to get back together with Ezra. Emily will probably continue to torture herself with all this Paige or Ali relationship drama. Spencer will do what she always does: hunt down clues and crack up while trying to solve the newest mystery.

Leigh: Pretty much agree with everything Teresa said. Aria is 100% on the road to reconciliation with Ezra. Emily is skeptical and scared of being involved with anyone. Hanna is going to indulge in some boy stuff too between Travis and Caleb. Spencer is Spencer Drew!

Carissa: Emily is so going to fall for Ali again. With Hanna's criminal past, I really hope she gets more boy drama going on. Agree about Spencer Drew and Aria. Amazingly, I'm not hating on Ezra as much since he seems so pathetic after being shot.

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