Scorpion at Comic-Con: From Real-Life to the Small Screen...

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On Monday, September 22, CBS viewers will get their first look at Scorpion, an entertaining look at a genius and his merry band of like-minded misfits who solve the world's problems when nobody is looking.

As it turns out, lead character Walter O'Brien has been doing just that for almost his entire life.

Here he is with fellow Scorpion producers Nicholas Wootton and Nick Santora talking a bit about his adventures and bringing them to the small screen.

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Sleepy Hollow, Hawaii Five-0 and Fringe) are the mastermind behind bringing this series to life and they tell us here about what fans can expect from Season 1:

Elyes Gable will play Walter O'Brien; Robert Patrick the man who caught young O'Brien hacking a government agency and changed his life; and Katherine McPhee is the caring mother of a child genius who helps O'Brien connect with the world.

Gather up Scorpion scoop from these stars now:

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