Suits Round Table: “Leveraged”

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More friendships were broken apart in Suits Season 4 Episode 4.

Below, TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando and Michelle Carlbert discuss Harvey and Louis’ blowout, Jessica’s decision to combine business and pleasure, the lengths that Mike will go to win his case and Mike’s very own “Donna.”

Dig in to the debate now!


Louis talked about how he is emotional and hated for it, while Harvey is cold and loved for it. Do you think that was an accurate assessment and whose side are you on, Louis’ or Harvey’s?

Christine: I think it's somewhat accurate. It's not that Harvey doesn't care, but he's able to hide it much better than Louis. As a matter of fact he prides himself on his ability to hide his feelings because he feels it gives him the upper hand. That may help him in business but it's also why his personal life barely exists.

Chandel: I think it's a reflection of what previous circumstances have dictated to him, not necessarily the truth. Again, the comment itself was an emotional response, so I don't think Louis objectively thought it through.

Michelle: Sadly, I think that is pretty accurate. I love Harvey, but Louis has really started to become my favorite recently and in that conversation, I was fully on Louis’ side. Then again, I did understand Harvey’s frustration with him. Wow, I guess I really can’t choose between them after all.

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Will Harvey and Louis’ friendship be mended soon or do you think we are going to see them as enemies for a while?

Christine: Their friendship, if you can call it that, has always been rather lopsided. Louis strives for Harvey's approval and Harvey rarely gives it. I don't think that's going to change any time soon.

Chandel: This firm is absolutely falling apart. It will be a minute before things between these two will mend.

Michelle: I think there’s every chance that their bromance (such as it was) will be broken up, at least for a while. But I don’t know that we’ll see them actually at each other’s throats.

Do you think Mike has gone way too far in this battle or do you think he’s been doing exactly what he needs to do to win?

Christine: I'm not sure if Mike is fighting so hard because he wants to prove he can win or because he's emotionally invested in saving that company. But at this point he may end up losing his job and his friends. That's an awful lot of damage done. Can it really be called a win?

Chandel: I think Mike is acting no different than anyone else, because everyone is acting on emotion right now. Could it be what he needs to win or what his emotions are telling him he needs to win? I don't think he knows and neither do I.

Michelle: In my opinion, Mike went too far the moment he used Harvey’s dad’s records against him. It doesn’t matter that he ended up giving them back, it was still a low blow. He may be winning some of these battles, but I think the cost is starting to get too high.

What about Harvey and Mike’s friendship? Do you think we’ll see them on the same side any time soon?

Christine: I don't know. They are both so competitive. They'll need a common enemy to bring them back together. In the past, Mike was always subordinate to Harvey but now they're on more equal footing. Their friendship will either have to evolve or fall by the wayside.

Chandel: I think Harvey is eventually going to have to reach out to Mike due to the deal he made with Harvey's enemy. It's likely going to compromise Mike and possibly Pearson Specter and that's going to be what brings them back together. How far it is that down the line? It's hard to tell.

Michelle: I think we’re in for a lot more battles to come between these two. I try to keep reminding myself that the longer they’re at odds, the sweeter it will be when they are partners again, but it doesn’t always work. This war has been tough to watch but I think it will end.. someday.

It looks like Jessica has decided to continue her relationship with Jeff. Were you happy that she went with her heart or do you think that it’s a bad idea for her to get emotionally involved with a coworker?

Christine: Oh, this is such a bad idea. Hiring him was the bad idea to begin with. Being the boss puts Jessica in a very vulnerable position and I don't see things ending well, either at work or for her relationship.

Chandel: I think it's a bad idea. But when everything around you is falling to pieces anyway, whether you realize it or not, then sometimes it's just easy to fall back into something that is comfortable and familiar, and apparently Jeff is that for Jessica.

Michelle: I’m a little bit of both. I’m a little happy that she decided to go with her heart, but I know for a fact that inter-office romances sometimes don’t work. Methinks Jessica has just signed up for a world of hurt.

What are your opinions of Mike’s “Donna,” Amy? Do you love her or do you think she pales in comparison to the original?

Christine: I didn't like her at first but she's growing on me. Let's face it, everyone should have their own Donna but there's only one original.

Chandel: Amy definitely pales in comparison to Donna, but I can't help but think that Mike's experience with Amy is not unlike that of Harvey and Donna's early days. This show has an interesting way of referencing the past and mirroring certain situations when you aren't paying attention. It's important to keep an eye on, as is the developing relationship between Amy and Mike.

Michelle: I am really starting to like her, but I’m not ready to call that love just yet. She’s cool, she’s smart and she’s funny but she will never be Donna. I do love how loyal she is to Mike, though.

What about you, fanatics? What did you think of this episode of Suits? Whose side are you on?

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