Switched at Birth Review: A Prelude to This

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Because we knew at the start of Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 15 that there was an accident, everything afterward was just a prelude to the credits.

Apparently it's time to put some of their more petty problems into perspective - because by the end of the hour a life was hanging in the balance.

I will admit that as frustrating as these "what's gonna happen to whom" episodes can be, Switched at Birth does them very well. 

Angelo was having problems with the restaurant, Regina was still worried about threats from the East Riverside project, Daphne thought she was going to let everyone down by not getting into medical school, Bay was rejected from Art school and Toby returned home, looking like a deranged French painter, but triumphant. Other than Toby, only John and Kathryn seemed solid.

Daphne's worries caused Angelo to reach out to his daughter and help her focus by taking her mind off of things. He reminded her -- by challenging him to find his Nana's lemon cake recipe -- that she's at her best when she just does things without thinking.

It was difficult not to realize it was going to be Angelo in trouble because the scenes between him and Daphne were long overdue and bittersweet. He shared stories about family and promised to take her to his homeland. They shared their fears and he admitted to her that he was a failure -- again. 

Taking the selfie in the restaurant that he was about to lose made me think that would be the last photo anyone ever got with him. Of course, I imagined that Regina would shoot him.

Regina learned how to shoot from Wes and attended a meeting that included previous Sentator Coto. He's working with the Chamber of Commerce now and is still smarmy as ever. By the time their meeting was over, he had subtly threatened them with violence. Regina was on edge.

Thankfully, Regina didn't shoot Daphne in the face nor Angelo as he sat in the parking lot of K&D, but they did have a big argument about fidelity and giving up their dreams. It was ugly and exactly the kind of argument people have before they lose someone.

The Kennish family, meanwhile, was working with Bay to get her version of the Northern Lights into focus. Bay and Kathryn argued before Bay admitted she wasn't accepted to Pratt. John headed over after Kathryn did a wonderful rendition of an art teacher with deaf Icelandic students and warded off police to lend a hand with his generator.

The family was basking in the fake northern lights just before Bay and Toby sped off in John's Porche, for a moment giving pause as to who was in the accident. 

But, accidents are rarely after a good time and more often follow conversations filling characters with regret. That's exactly what we have here. Angelo is down for the count, but he didn't flatline. He'll make it through to next week. Whether he makes it to the following, however, remains to be seen.

I cannot imagine the fallout of the arguments Angelo and Regina had. Daphne is going to need someone to blame, and Regina is her prime suspect. After finally finding common ground with her dad, that closeness will play into how she behaves with Regina after the accident. Bay will be very happy to have been creating the northern lights.

This is the time when families come together for strength and purpose. Let's hope for a happy ending without regret. 

If you need to play catch up, you can watch Switched at Birth online via TV Fanatic. 

Do you think Angelo will survive?

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