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Kathryn gets a call. There's been an accident.

Toby returns from Iceland with a new goal while Bay gets unexpected news from college. 

Regina and Wes are at target practice. He admits he has never used his gun before, but feels safer with it. Regina is skittish. Wes has a dinner that night for the project and invites Regina.

Bay gets a rejection letter from Art school just moments before Toby comes home.

Angelo is arguing on the phone about Christie and the restaurant. Before he can tell Regina about the conversation, Kathryn interrupts with news of Toby's return.

Daphne is worried about taking the SATs again to get into premed. Angelo knows there's more to it. She thinks she's going to lt everyone down. 

Toby is back into music, much to John's chagrin. He knows his sister well enough to read something's wrong. He tries to inspire her with his enthusiasm. 

Angelo takes Daphne's mind off of SATs by having her cook his grandmother's lemon cake.

Former Senator Coto, who Daphne exposed is at the dinner with the councilwoman. He's working for the Chamber of Commerce now and Regina knows he wants a kickback. Wes says that's the way things work.

Daphne and Angelo talk about his Nana and visiting his home next summer. Daphne finds his grandmother's cake, but he doesn't remember the recipe. 

Daphne finds a foreclosure notice for a stainless steel refrigerator in the trash.

Bay, Toby and Kathryn head out to do street art of the non-damaging variety. When they plug into an electric car charging station, the blow the lights.

Wes decides to go around the councilwoman and Coto, who then threatens Wes and Regina with violence. 

Bay is incredibly rude to Kathryn. Bay tries to tell Kathryn why she's behaving poorly just as the police pull up.

Wes chose not to work with Coto because he didn't want to lose Regina's respect. When Regina gets to K&D it's defaced with LIAR. She pulls out her gun before entering and puts it in her purse.

It was not police, it was security, and Kathryn plays it up as her kids are deaf twins from Iceland. Bay realizes she's the worst daughter in the world because Kathryn did all this and Pratt rejected her.

Daphne asks Angelo about the fridge. Everything will be sold next week. Christie got in over her head and they foreclosed. Angelo thought he had finally found his place, but he just added another failure to his list. Daphne remembered where she left her SAT book. At K&D. When she and Angelo take a picture of themselves, I think Angelo is going to die at Regina's hand.

Regina screams to Daphne who cannot hear her. Regina takes the gun and points it just as Daphne walks in. Nobody is hurt, but Daphne is upset. Angelo comes in. Angelo thinks Regina is interested in Wes and a major fight ensues. 

Angelo leaves Daphne with Regina and drives off in anger.

John helps his family create the art project. It's a success. 

Toby asks John to fire him from the car wash. He wants to get on unemployment so he can have a few weeks to find his next thing -- becoming a DJ for clubs. John agrees.

Toby and Bay take the Porche. Now I'm worried about them AND Angelo.

Kathryn gets a call. There's been an accident. It's Angelo.

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

So, my whole world ended four days ago and I didn't even know it.


Look, the point of this is that when you're not thinking about it, you totally got it.