The Last Ship Review: Panic Sets In

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There's no doubt this series is an intense thriller, but The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 6 turned things up to 11 when Danny gets the sniffles.

I'm kidding of course, but after the stress of the past several months and the fate of the human race in their hands jumping the gun is understandable. Luckily it turns out to be Dengue fever and not contagious at all.

On a positive note, Captain Chandler comes clean about Rachel's work and avoids an all out mutiny.

"Lockdown" picks up where last week's installment left off. Chandler and those that debarked in Nicaragua go through decontamination. We learn that Rachel's vaccine is almost ready to test, but Mike and Hugh feel the crew should be spared the details of their adventure.

Hugh: They don't need to know about the village, El Toro.
Mike: Our lovely dinner.
Hugh: The sick people or how close we were to them.

What does Chandler do? Takes their advice into consideration and then does the complete opposite. I think this is one of the things that makes him a good leader. Not going with the flow but making up his own mind, he's not easily influenced.

That said, though he tells the truth he does get ahead of himself promising a cure by the time they get home. That's right, they're setting a course for the states and the vaccine should be ready by the time they arrive. Ah not so much big guy.

Rachel is going through monkeys at an alarming rate, six at a time and they're all dying. Chandler warns her to dispose of them discretely but naturally a couple of guys see her tossing bags overboard. The chatter begins and the trip home is delayed for a few days.

Meanwhile, that sneaky mole Quincy is doing his part to fuel distrust among the crew. I thought Bacon was just supposed to play chess with the guy? Why listen to anything that weasel has to say? Of course, he's a brilliant scientist so his argument makes sense. Bacon never stood a chance.

When Danny gets sick everyone begins to panic. It's only natural to assume he's caught the virus. It doesn't help that those at the top freak out as well calling for a shipwide lockdown. Everyone puts on their biohazard suits as rumors begin to spread like a disease.

Of course by the time Danny's test results come back and it's only Dengue fever (a mosquito-borne tropical disease that's not contagious) the damage is done.

It was just a matter of time before Kara and Danny's relationship was discovered. Silly of her to run toward the virus rather than in the opposite direction no? She just had to see her man and in the process gives the game away. Chandler is not pleased.

So Quincy convinces Bacon that Rachel's monkeys are dying and being tossed overboard but more importantly the Captain is lying about it.

This vessel is a death trap.


As tensions rise roughly sixteen men want off the ship. Don't they realize this is The Last Ship? Where the hell would they be safer?

Chandler makes the decision to lay all the cards on the table. He talks of making mistakes but it was all in an effort to protect his crew from the truth. How haunting were those distress calls? As dear ol' Jack says in A Few Good Men "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

It's too late to turn back now, so Chandler goes for complete transparency. He reveals Rachel's little lab and praises her for her tireless efforts.

I loved to see the Captain give Rachel the floor and how she admitted to her vaccine failing. The Yellow Fever vaccine failed 99 times, only finding success on the 100th attempt. She admits she might not have the answers today but nothing's going to stop her from finding a cure.

Chandler promises his crew all information, good or bad, will be shared with them.

This is a test. They go, hope goes with them.


After all the impassioned speeches the soldiers decide to stick it out. Danny's on the mend and Kara's let off pretty easy in the end.

Chandler visits Quincy and tells him there's going to be no more talking. A really great move if you ask me.

Now it's your turn, what did you think of "Lockdown"? Does this series have you at the edge of your seat the entire hour? Hit the comments, let's start a discussion. What did you like or dislike about this installment of The Last Ship.

Do you think the Captain jumped the gun by initiating a lockdown?

Lockdown Review

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The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

This vessel is a death trap.


This is a test. They go, hope goes with them.