The Leftovers Review: Surrender

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Officer Kevin Garvey's trippy dreams continued on The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 2

So what's real and what's all in his head? We attempt to find out.

In Police Headquarters

The pilot of a television show is essential in setting the tone and background of a story, while also introducing the cast of characters. The second episode is when we start to delve deeper into each of those characters helping viewers decide who they want to invest their interest in.

As far as The Leftovers goes, I'm pretty split down the middle as far as what has kept my interest following the second week and what I found myself a bit bored with. Let's break it down:


Justin Theroux's Kevin is the backbone of the show and his storyline is keeping me intrigued. He is the police chief of Mapleton who has pretty much confirmed that he is losing his shit. He also finds himself in scenarios every week that keep us guessing as to what's real and what's imagination.

It's the weekly struggle of trying to keep that crazy side of things under wraps while trying to serve his town that creates a great balance. Of course when you shoot a pack of dogs, blame it on another guy, and are the only witness- things look a little off.

Then the suspect's car just showed up in his driveway with no registration and a dead dog in the trunk. What gives? I want to say that the dogs are part of a dream, or at least they start off that way. But Jill and Aimee both saw that man at the door. He exists.

However, then Kevin's crazy father asked if "he" showed up yet and told Kevin that if "he" did to just keep it to himself. So now Kevin really wonders if he's losing it prompting him to take apart the toaster just to be sure that his bagel didn't disappear like 2% of the population with no explanation.

Yeah I'd say Kevin needs more than just the work appointed therapist who can't get his wife's name right.

Kevin: We're still married.
Therapist: Does she think you're married?
Kevin: You'd have to ask her.
Therapist: Oh I get it, because she doesn't talk.

Speaking of said wife, she part of the other half of what I find myself interested in on this show:


Liv Tyler's character was pretty one note in The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 1, but now that she's living with the Guilty Remnant, we are learning more about everyone. What's Meg doing? Why did she go there? What is Laurie supposed to help her do?


But surrender to what exactly? The noticeable difference between Meg's character this week and last week is that this week she seems more honest about her feelings, even if it make her raw and vulnerable. 

The GR are this constant ghost (probably part of the appearance/dress code) who serve as living reminders that people are still missing and we can't just go on like nothing happened. But if that's the case then did Meg and Laurie join to help lose their pain? How does that work?


Then there is crazy Wayne who, let's face it, is just a straight up pedophile. He claims he can hug the pain out of people. Yet Tom has refused to let Wayne hug him and he says he's not ready. I mean...we did see Wayne pretty much kissing a bloody corpse, so I can't say I blame ya Tom!

So where is Tom's pain coming from? What drove him to this nutcase of a prophet? What happened to the Garvey family to shatter them to a point that is irreparable? 


Jill isn't the worst character. She's a moody teenager and she plays it well. Did everyone catch the moment when she locked eyes with Nora? What do you think the significance was there?

I have no idea yet what Nora is up to other than getting free things by way of sympathy. She drank her coffee, purposely knocked over the mug, knew they'd offer her more and then she skipped out. What's with the interview of the old couple?

This show obviously raises a ton of questions, but there's only so many that I would like answered. I imagine much of the audience feels the same way. With that said, whose storyline is intriguing you the most?

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The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Lucy: You are aware that people like dogs.
Kevin: I like dogs.
Lucy: Then stop f**king shooting them because that's something crazy people do!

Kevin: We're still married.
Therapist: Does she think you're married?
Kevin: You'd have to ask her.
Therapist: Oh I get it, because she doesn't talk.