Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who's the Best Love Match?

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Kristen and Daniel continued to spar, Paige made a big announcement and Sami spread her misery on this week's Days of Our Lives.

TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Kathy and Jaysdelina from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate whether Brady still loves Kristen, if there's a future for Nicole and Eric what they thought of Sami tricking Adrienne.


Is there any chance Brady is still in love with Kristen?

Kathy:   I think there is a very good chance that Brady is still in love with Kristen.

Jaysdelina:  There could be.I would guess that's where a lot of his anger toward her is coming from. He really didn't have the closure he needs to have with her in order to really move on.

Christine:  Brady's a complete mess and at least some of that has to do with Kristen. He may very well still be in love with her on some level but I don't see how he can ever forgive what she did to Eric. 

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Who do you think was Sami's best love match? EJ, Rafe, or Lucas?

Kathy:  I think Sami should take a break from men for awhile and concentrate on her children. I liked Lucas and Sami together back in the Day but now he really sees Sami for who she is. He will always have feelings for her. Rafe is just too much a solid citizen to be with Sami. EJ is probably the best match. They are both so damaged but they understand each other.

Jaysdelina:  I think Lucas was her best match.He knows who she is, what she's capable of, and he can usually reason with her like no one else can.

Christine:  Although I think Lucas and Sami have a wonderful bond, I think EJ is probably her best match. They are both twisted in similar ways and they challenge one another so that they are never bored. Rafe was a complete anomaly for Sami. He's way too nice and normal to ever be her perfect match. 

Are you happy to see Paige staying in Salem?

Kathy:   I am happy to see Paige stay just to continue the JJ/Paige story. She told Eve that saving money was her main objective but I'm sure her feelings for JJ played a part in her decision.

Jaysdelina:  No not really. She honestly hasn't had any good storyline. To me she's just a waste when they can put another character on with a better story.

Christine:  As cute as JJ and Paige are, I find Paige kind of boring. If she went off to Stanford I can't say I would have missed her. 

What did you think of Sami pretending to have photos of Justin and Kayla to show Adrienne what she's going through?

Kathy:  It was genius but cruel. She wanted Adrienne to feel a little of what she felt. I'm not sure it worked. It may be have backfired when Adrienne told Will what his mother had done. Plus, it was the second time Sami threw Kayla under the bus.

Jaysdelina:  I thought it was cruel but genius all at once. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sami needs to focus her revenge on EJ and Abby, the two who did her wrong. She really doesn't need to be exacting revenge on those who had nothing to do with hurting her this time around.

Christine:  I loved it! I hate it when Adrienne storms into someone's home to tell them what they should be doing. I enjoyed how Adrienne's face crumbled when she thought Justin might have cheated on her with her best friend. Yes, it was a touch evil, but deliciously so. 

Is there any chance for Eric and Nicole to reconcile? Would you like to see that happen?

Kathy:   I think there is a chance for Nicole and Eric to reconcile once Eric deals with his intense anger. Probably by the time he realizes he wants Nicole, she will have moved on to someone new. I would like them to be together eventually.

Jaysdelina:  Yes, I absolutely think there's a chance for Eric and Nicole. Part of the reason he didn't immediately return to the priesthood is his feelings for her. I think that's very telling.  It's only a matter of time before he lets go of the hate and betrayal and allows himself to love her again.

Christine: Yes, I think there's a chance but I'm not sure I want to see it happen. I don't think Eric will ever love Nicole for who she is. He'll always want to change her and for that reason alone they will never work. 

What was your least favorite story or scene of the week?

Kathy:  My least favorite scene of the week was Ben beating Rafe and Rafe not fighting back because he thought he deserved it.

Jaysdelina:  Anything involving Jennifer.I haven't enjoyed her at all in probably the last decade and don't think I will again unless the writers turn her character around and bring her back to the Jennifer of the early 90s.

Christine:  Adrienne calling Will to tattle on Sami. Who calls someone to complain that their mommy is being mean?!? Second was anything with Super Dan and Kristen. Every one of their scenes was boring and repetitive.

What was your favorite story or scene of the week?

Kathy:   My favorite scene was Victor making a deal with EJ.

Jaysdelina:  While I can't stand Doctor Dan, I did enjoy watching him get the upper hand on Kristen.

Christine:  Sami making Adrienne believe she had photos of Justin with Kayla was pure brilliance.

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