Masters of Sex Review: Lilantha

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Did Bill just lose yet another position at a hospital?

Emotions were at war and tensions were high on Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 6.

Stopping Chemo - Masters of Sex

I read a comment on twitter that said Bill Masters is a victim of his own ego. I couldn't think of a better way to describe that man. His egotistical nature was on full display during his scene with the journalist. He even scoffed at the notion that she was implying he had a God complex. Well Bill, if the shoe fits...

It was disappointing to see Bill stoop to a level of using racial stereotypes and making up lies about his findings when he was never even allowed to use African American test subjects. Hendricks wants to move the world forward and he supports Bill doing that too, but not if it's going to perpetuate further racial tensions which he believes having varying race participants will.

So now Bill is out of job number 3 in however many months. How will Libby react? Right now Libby surely has a screw loose over her obsession with Coral and Robert. She took to stalking her and at one point left her baby alone in the house. 

You're staring at them. Like some Peeping Tom.

Bill [to Libby]

Honestly, I think Coral just got under Libby's skin when she implied Robert was her lover because she made suggestive comments about a passionate relationship that Coral clearly realizes that Libby and Bill don't have. In a way, it was Coral's way of mocking Libby after the whole lice incident.

And was it just me or was Libby extra emotional when Robert touched her leg? Maybe I'm reading into things, but this is a show about sex and I wouldn't be surprised if Libby was suppressing some thoughts of her own.

However, Bill and Libby were the B story this week. As were Betty and Helen. The star of this episode was the friendship between Virginia and Lillian DePaul. Lillian decided to stop her chemo treatments when it became apparent that she wasn't getting any better. Virginia couldn't accept this.

I didn't see her coming. I'm always so careful, you know, with people. She's my friend and I don't have a lot of those.


Virginia is a trained fighter and couldn't deal with Lillian giving up. Really we all know that Virginia just couldn't deal with the thought of losing the closest friend she's ever had. It's interesting that when Bill was comforting Virginia at the hotel, he told her "I know you."

Was it Bill's ego thinking he truly knows her or does Virginia just do a really good job of keeping secrets? I knew when Barry Watson was cast that he couldn't have just had a cameo role, but nonetheless was still shocked to see him at Virginia's house tonight. Bill certainly felt that way!

Were you shocked Virginia's had a secret boyfriend this whole time?

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Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm yours and you're mine. That's enough for me.

Gene [to Betty]

Your lack of interest is rather liberating actually. I could likely say anything to you and you wouldn't blink. I was raised by vampires! I drive getaway cars in my spare time! I once had intercourse with a corpse!