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Just when it seemed that the family drama in Bill's life was calming down, Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 8 dropped a huge bomb on us:

Bill Masters has a brother!

At Dinner - Masters of Sex

Not only does he have a brother, but his faux hotel persona "Francis Holden" was inspired by his brother Frank. It stands to reason that Bill wanted distance from his whole family after the abuse it seems he grew up with from his father. However, he and his brother went to medical school together and I have a feeling that there is more to the story with them.

Do you think Libby knows Bill has a brother? I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Virginia put it together sooner than later.

When they were at dinner with the potential board of trustee member, Libby made an interesting comment in which she referred to herself as part of a threesome.

You'll come with me and Bill, we'll go as a triumvirate!!

Libby [to Virginia]

Libby is a fairly astute woman. I'm starting to believe that she has known about Bill and Virginia for awhile. I think maybe she has just reconciled that she doesn't want to lose Bill and that Virginia does seem to have a calming affect on him. Would she rather have the kids and monetary support than a truly loving and loyal marriage? She doesn't seem altogether unhappy.

Sometimes I think Libby is also a bit sheltered, but I think that is about to change. Drawing from viewer response, it seems that most people have picked up on the foreshadowing that Libby might become involved in some of tensions of the early 1960s. She had a palpable friction with Robert that made me believe we wouldn't be seeing the last of him.

I'm glad that after what she saw in person versus what she saw reported that she decided to do the right thing and come forward.

Personally I found a huge interest in the fact that Virginia realized that the study needed to encompass the psychological aspect of sex as opposed to only the physiological. Also Bill pledged to start taking steps to finding the solution to some of the problems them come across, the sexual dysfunction.

Betty: Most of the time it's a mental block. Guy feels lousy about himself, guy feels guilty about his wife, or his mother, or he's got a thing for farm animals or whatever but you're still stuck with the same problem: how to get it up so he can finish off and get out.

I was a little amused that Bill scampered away when Betty started talking about the impotent guys that used to come to the brothel. Bill would never admit he had a problem.

All in all, I found this week to be a great episode. I felt more captured by the storylines than I have in awhile.

Were you surprised Bill has a brother?

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Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

In spite of what you may have heard Miss Packer, my relationship with my patients is strictly professional.


Well if they're brave enough to come in I think we should at least keep a record of their bravery, don't you think?