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On Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 7, the Trumans plan to visit a college for Anika, but at the last minute Neil can't make it, causing just one more rift in an already broken marriage.

As Neil struggles to find a way to get his work done and go to his family, he discovers what Grace has been up to and is torn with jealousy.

Anika skips out on the college tour to be with Mateo and Grace reconnects with her design professor. Later Neil finds her and they have words -- and a lot more.

Find out what happens to set Neil on his course and how it might change their relationship when you watch Satisfaction online.

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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Neil: My point is that we don't have to have those petty arguments to solve our problems. We just talk them through.
Grace: Mmm hmm.
Neil: Don't we?
Grace: You never really want to talk.
Neil: I try.
Grace: You do. You try.
Neil: You don't always want to talk.
Grace: You don't always listen.
Neil: Are you kidding me?

Lawrence: She's just a friend!
Renee: Friends don't share genital pics.
Lawrence: It was a joke! You saw that. Those aren't even my balls!