Under the Dome Review: Don't Jump!

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The situation inside and outside the Dome became more dangerous on Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 8.

The tone of the series shifted once the story partially moved away from Chester's Mill to Zenith. While there are troubles under the Dome, the conspiracy surrounding the event made those who got out both targets and threats to the powers that be. Who would that be? It appears Don and the military.

Barbie used his father's connections to get a message to Julia. She didn't initially believe that Barbie was still alive though. She needed proof and Joe attempted to reply to the email. In an intriguing twist, Barbie found out from a rogue operative, Hunter, that his father altered his initial message.

Don knows about the egg!

What else does he know about the Dome? That is scary. Even though Barbie found out about his father's altered message, he sent another one to Julia to set up a face-to-face meeting through the Dome. She received the coded message and met Barbie at the invisible wall. He warned her to stay under the Dome just before he was taken into custody.

It's not safe outside. Who would have thought it was safer in the enclosure than out in the world. Crazy! Though, of course that could change now that Big Jim knows that Barbie got out. The newly self-appointed Sheriff will be out for answers. One thing he hates more than anything is when he's kept in the dark.

At least his mysterious enemy was revealed and Phil is behind bars. I'm not sure why Big Jim keeps getting these horrible storylines. I can only hope that at some point there will be an actual reason behind everything that's happened to him. His antics are by far the worst part of Under the Dome Season 2.

Back in Zenith, Pauline and Sam used a drug to wake up Lyle from his altered state of mind. Their interactions weren't all that telling, except for the postcards that Pauline sent to Lyle. He had them with him when he transitioned to Zenith. All of the events that she drew had come true, so they were left without a clue about what to do next.

Then, she remembered a postcard that she never sent because the Dome fell down. It was of the Red Door. They now have the clue to get them into Chester's Mill, so they can be reunited with James and get to the bottom of what happened with Melanie all those years before.

Overall, this was one of the most revealing hours of the show. With only a few hours left, it looks like a family reunion will be coming up and more answers about the Dome, the egg and the involvement of Don and his company.

Who should people fear more?

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