Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1: Full Episode Live!

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On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1 we learned who was lost.

If you theorized about who would be dying in the Chicago Fire Season Premiere, it's doubtful your BINGO card ever considered the loss experienced during the hour. This was a name that wasn't even tossed about. It was that shocking.

The death hit some members of Firehouse 51 very hard. It's difficult to be expecting a child, enjoy an engagement or think forward when you are mourning. When you know you should be mourning but you're happier than you've ever been in your life.

When you know the reason one person died and you lived is because you switched positions just moments before a terrible fate befell your coworker, partner and friend.

Chicago Fire Scene

These are just some of the things that were running through the minds of your favorite Chicago Fire characters. 

Elsewhere, the owners of Molly's decided there was no time like the present to consider expanding. The word franchise was uttered. People were suddenly interested in financially backing a project they had no desire to invest in when Molly's first opened.

Telling you any more would be rude. You need to experience it for yourself. Watch Chicago Fire online now!

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Shay: Yo. Put it back in your pants lieutenant. You're not my type.
Kelly: You never know.
Shay: Do you have a vagina? I'm gay. Fully gay. My drink's tequila.

Hey. You said Shay told you we'd be great together. I choose to have that memory of that day.