Jane The Virgin at Paley Fest: Baby Daddy Drama to Come!

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The CW series Jane The Virgin hasn't even premiered, yet it's already building some impressive buzz.

Earlier today, it was announced that the Television Critics Association had chosen the series as the second Most Promising New Show of the fall TV season (Gotham took the top spot), though star Gina Rodriguez took first place and beat out The Flash's Grant Gustin as Potential New Breakout Star.

Not too shabby a month away from premiere, right?

It was perfect timing, then, that a screening of the Jane The Virgin pilot was shown this weekend at the Paley Center in Los Angeles.

I caught up with Rodriguez, creator Jennie Snyder and co-star Jaime Camil before the post-screening Q&A to find out more about the new series:


Jane The Virgin Season 1 premieres October 13th at 9/8c on The CW, following the debut of The Originals Season 2.

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