NCIS: Watch Season 12 Episode 1 Online

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And... we're off!

We're not just off with NCIS Season 12, we're off to Russia with Gibbs and we're needing his colleagues to head off on a mission to save their fearless leader.

On NCIS Season 12 Episode 1, he and McGee went to escort home an NCIS computer engineer connected to classified information... but their mission grew compromised and they were forced to go off the grid while they were hunted by a Russian mercenary group. That's never good.

Meanwhile, the team back D.C. frantically used every asset it possibly could, along with all inter-agency contacts and individuals they knew, to locate their missing team members.

How did it all unfold? How were they saved? Watch NCIS online to find out:

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 1 Quotes

Vance: I'd go with the cat.
Abby: Yes, most of us would, but WMD.
Tony: WMD?
Abby: What would McGee do?
Tony: That's two Ws, Abs.
Abby: Whatever.

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Vance: Our intel says Sergei survived.
Gibbs: What? How? I hit him. He went down.
Vance: He got up. No body was recovered. And wherever he is now, knowing all this? There's a good chance he'll be gunning for us.
Gibbs: Not if we find him first.